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It is generally accepted that physical activity is beneficial to our health and well-being but why is it so important for a gentleman?

You certainly don’t need a six pack to be a gentleman. You don’t need bulging biceps or pulsating pecs but a strong, fit body will help you stand out and stay true to your values. It will help you to be at ease, show gallantry and be ready for anything.

Be at ease
The result of pushing the body through an exercise regime is that everyday life becomes easier. It’s not a problem to jump out of a taxi, stuck in traffic and briskly walk, to be on time for your next appointment. If the lift is out of order, you can climb the stairs without becoming sweaty and breathless. It seems as though everything is effortless for the man who exercises.

In the longer run, the likelihood of mobility problems or lower back issues is reduced. This means pain free movement and an easier life.

There are acts of gallantry that require physical strength. The intention is not enough; your body needs to be up to the task. It could be as simple as opening a stiff jar or as dangerous as defending yourself and your loved ones from attack.

To carry two heavy suitcases so that your loved one can walk freely by your side is not difficult once your upper body strength has built up. An elderly neighbour whose driveway is covered with snow will be impressed that you can shovel it clear for them. Helping your family and others because you are physically able to do so is what gentleman do.

Ready for anything
If there is one thing that is certain, it is that things never go to plan. It is in these moments that physical fitness is a clear advantage. It isn’t just survival situations either; trying a new sport is much easier if your body is in good shape. Energy levels are much higher in those that exercise and people perceive you differently. In business you are more likely to land a deal compared to your sluggish competitor.

There is a, quite natural, inclination in people to over specify important things in their lives. They will have cars which never they drive to their maximum speed. Computers with powerful processors are often used only to send and receive emails. However, if the need were to arise to drive their car faster or edit video on their computer, they would be ready. The principle applies to the body in the same way. The aim is to fitter than your normal life requires and be ready for anything.

So it should be clear that exercise is important and the motivation for a daily regime is inextricably linked with the motivation to live your life as a perfect gentleman.

Stephan von Schilling

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