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Why do we all deserve affordable style?

I have always been a fan of style; snappy dressing and sharp suits bring a smile to my face. Style is increasingly becoming synonymous with expensive designer brands, one-off bespoke items and celebrity backed companies. I believe that this is fundamentally wrong as it has created the idea that style is a trait only available to the wealthy, whose deep pockets enable them to achieve a great look and turn heads.

The irony is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. I have seen people spend a fortune on designer clothes from flashy brands with multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, but because they haven’t considered what they are buying or how they are going to wear it, they look terrible. In stark contrast, I have seen people combine Primark essentials with a few choice investment pieces and walk out in an outfit that looks far superior to some designer attire.

Thus, I decided it was time to make a change and embark on a journey with all of you to assist in finding the A-list look for less.

Ryan ReynoldsHow can you look like Ryan Reynolds for less than £150?

1 – White Shirt – £29.95

Investing in a good quality white shirt will keep paying dividends for years. Your wardrobe should be stocked full of them, so that you always have a shirt to hand. A white shirt will compliment nearly every outfit you wear, whether that’s a jacket and chinos or even a v-neck jumper and jeans.

An affordable option that doesn’t break the bank is essential. My affordable white shirt of choice has to be Charles Tyrwittt’s casual slim fit white oxford shirt for £29.95.

2 – Skinny Navy tie – £3.00

Ryan uses a skinny black tie to emphasise the contrast of the white shirt and caramel jumper. The darker colour helps break up the pastel colours and helps to dress up this smart casual look. There are plenty of options, but for a really affordable option Primark sell a dark Navy tie for £3.00. Alternatively, if you are viewing this in the US, try Walmart or, with prices between $2-4.

3 – Brown V-neck Jumper – £20

While the harshness of winter is upon us, it is difficult to remember that spring is just around the corner, with cool but mild days, quick showers and hazy sunshine filtering through the trees. Thus the v-neck jumper is the essential spring companion for any man’s spring style,; functional, fashionable and all for a reasonable price. The dark tan v-neck jumper worn by Ryan adds a touch of depth to the white shirt and light stone blazer. Now is the time to pick up knitwear bargains with the likes of House of Fraser selling of merino wool v –neck jumpers for £20. Alternatively try Ben Sherman for Autumn coloured knitwear for a reasonable price, although be prepared to pay more in the range of $60.

Stone Blazer4 – Stone blazer – £65

The stone blazer shown on the right is a near perfect copy for half the price. The blazer is 100% cotton with a beautiful black lining, slit pockets on the inside and flap pockets on hips. The jacket can easily be added to or removed from this outfit depending on the warmth of the wearer and the level of formality required. The blazer can be found for £65 from ASOS, which also ships to the USA.

Dark Blue Jeans5 – Dark blue Jeans – £45

The photo doesn’t show what Ryan has on his lower half, firstly we hope boxers, but more importantly a good pair of dark wash jeans is the essential item to finish the look. The dark blue jeans and navy tie will book end the attire, giving a slick finished look ready for any cocktail party or night out. Jeans can be tricky due to the huge amount of choice available, we would recommend keeping it simple with straight cut, dark blue wash jeans with no distress or staining. Next do a perfect pair for £45, alternatively you could go with a pair of Levi’s 501® Original Fit Jeans for $50.

Total – £162.95
The total for the outfit comes to the same amount as just the blazer that Ryan is wearing, resulting in a huge outfit saving of over £240! Which just goes to show that affordable style is the unsung hero of the perfectly attired gentleman!

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