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Why do we all deserve affordable style? styleI have always been a fan of style; snappy dressing and sharp suits bring a smile to my face. Style is increasingly becoming synonymous with expensive designer brands, one-off bespoke items and celebrity backed companies. I believe that this is fundamentally wrong as it has created the idea that style is a trait only available to the wealthy, whose deep pockets enable them to achieve a great look and turn heads.

The irony is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. I have seen people spend a fortune on designer clothes from flashy brands with multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, but because they haven’t considered what they are buying or how they are going to wear it, they look terrible. In stark contrast, I have seen people combine Primark essentials with a few choice investment pieces and walk out in an outfit that looks far superior to some designer attire.

Thus, I decided it was time to make a change and embark on a journey with all of you to assist in finding the A-list look for less.

How can you look like Luke Evans for less than £160?

1 – Black t-shirt – £3.99/$4.99

A simple black t-shirt from a discount store is the base layer of this look. You could spend quite a lot on a plain black t-shirt, I found one for £50, but realistically there is no need. A good discount store such as Primark in the UK, or Wallmart in the US, will sell 100% cotton t-shirts that will give you all the trills of the premium t-shirts for a tenth of the cost.

Tip – look for 100% cotton t-shirts, they will help regulate your body temperature in the unpredictable spring weather.

Black Jacket_Next2 – Black Jacket– £65/$117 – Next UK/Next USA

This Navy Wool Harrington jacket from Next can be substituted for the jacket in the photo above. While it has slightly less character due to the zip fastening, it has a sleeker finish keeping the style smart yet casual. helping to dress up this casual look. The jacket is made out of wool, which is the perfect spring jacket material, it is breathable, waterproof and warm. This jacket is ideal for a range of temperatures as well as for protecting you from a sudden shower, making it an essential spring weather jacket. Try combining it with some colourful striped shirts for a slightly less monotone look than Luke’s.

Black leather belt_H&M3 – Black leather belt – £12.95/17.95 – H&M

A wide leather belt helps to bookend the trousers and boots. This belt should only be worn casually as it is too wide to be used with formal wear such as suits. However the wider belt suits the wider waist bands on jeans making it ideal for any smart casual attire. Plus a good belt is an investment that will last a life time, so expect this relatively cheap belt to pay dividends for decades to come.

Light blue jeans_Zara4 – Light blue stone wash jeans – £39.99/79.99 – Zara

These jeans are slightly darker in colour than the jeans Luke is wearing, yet they will complement the dark jacket just as well as the lighter wash above. If you decide you want to go for a lighter wash, go for a style that isn’t distressed or over-washed otherwise you might find your light jeans become much lighter.

Tip – Jeans only need to be washed when they are physically dirty or have been worn a few times. Don’t be afraid to wear jeans 4 or 5 times between washes.

Black lace ups_River Island5 – BLACK LACE UP FORMAL BOOTS – £35 – River Island

The shoes can make or break an outfit, so I searched hard for the ideal shoes for this look. I decided on this formal boot as it can be adapted for casual or smart casual outfits. The panelled boot has a modern slick appeal that will not appear out of place in a younger or older man’s wardrobe.

Tip – The boot has a rubber sole, so I would recommend taking it to a cobbler who can replace the heel which will wear quickly.
Total – £156.93/$239.11

The estimated total saving is £100/$160, which just goes to show that affordable style, is the unsung hero of the perfectly attired gentleman!

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