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We have written before about why Valentines Day is important, including the fact that even if your partner says it isn’t important that is not a reason to ignore it. We have covered things that you may do and even places to go.

This year we are trying to help you get ahead of the game with some advice so that when next Thursday comes along you don’t suddenly realise that you have not prepared anything.

If you want more information and further top tips, do join us along with Rigby & Peller as we give you a Gentleman’s Guide to Valentine’s Day on Tuesday 10th February in London. The event is Free and the RSVP is here.

1 – Put some thought into it

Take at least 15-30 mins to think about what you would like to do, even if it is just a card and flowers. As we repeatedly say here at PGHQ, a little thought and preparation go a mighty long way, so take some time to put that effort in.

Think about what your partner might like, a quiet dinner or a sneaky romantic break. It does not need to be something grand, it is the thought that counts. So make this thinking time count.

2 – Make it special, even if it is small

Following on from the previous point, Valentine’s Day is about being a special day, therefore you should make it special to your partner and perhaps yourself. Special means rare or a treat, and you should make it so for both of you. Do something that you both will remember for the rest of the year.

Take your partner to the restaurant where you went on your first date; cook their favourite meal; take them to a gallery they adore; buy flowers they like (it does not have to be red roses!). You want to see that smile on their face because you have thought and prepared.

3 – No one expects the Spanish Inquisition

Monty Python had a sketch where Inquisitors from the Spanish Inquisition would appear randomly in various other sketches, declaring the line ‘No one expects the Spanish Inquisition’.

If you have time to plan then you can do something that will surprise your partner, that is of course if your partner does not hate surprises. Most people love to be surprised and especially if you do it with thought and care.

So this year, if you can, do something different. Be like Monty Python and maybe do something that your partner wouldn’t expect. Whisk them away for a surprise weekend, take them shoe shopping or to a sporting event that they like.

4 – Keep It Simple Sweetheart

Unless you have the logistical skills of the Duke of Wellington battling Napoleon, do not make Valentines’ Day overly complex.

If things require too many moving parts then they might just go wrong and the day might not work out as you had hoped. This is especially true if you have not planned and booked anything in advance. There are many tales of men rushing to buy presents, making dinner reservations and more right until the last minute and that leads to disappointment on both parts.

Sometimes, a romantic dinner for two cooked by your own fair hand is enough. You can always make a grand gesture next year.

5 – Do it NOW!

Stop reading this article now, take action and do the steps we have listed. Firstly, do step one – think about what you want to do and then make it happen – order those flowers, book that restaurant or flights. Do it, do it now.

And have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Next week on the Code of the Gentleman will be dedicated to Valentines Day, so look out for more tips and advice then.

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