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Need a date idea that will warm your partner’s heart this winter? We have a selection of suggestions to help thaw the winter blues and put a spring into your step.

1 –  The Cultural Tour

Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Houses are generally free or an affordable dating option. There is something magical about embracing culture together, it gives you talking points and elements in which to get lost together. Cultural tours are a cliche of romantic movies for a reason, they do inspire courtship.

Remembering that romantic moment, when you are in front of a great work of art admiring in silence, side by side. Wherever you are, there will be something to visit, so do give it a go.

Round off the date with a mug of hot chocolate and discuss what you saw and felt.

Gentlemen’s tip – Go to a place that will inspire you both. If your partner is not into tanks and soldiers, perhaps a War Museum is not the best option.

2 –  The Nature Walk

Autumn has its leaves, Spring its flowers and Summer the warmth of the sun, but Winter also has its charms, from snow covered trees (if you are lucky) to crisp sunny days where the air is fresh and clear.

Talking a walk in nature is a great way to spend time together, it gives you the space to observe, think and talk. Put on the boots and embrace the outdoors.

You can round off the walk in a pleasant pub, bar or tavern, to warm those toes.

3 – The Winter Picnic

The taking of picnics is generally considered a Summer activity, but there is something fun about doing it in Winter. Especially when you realise that you do not even have to leave your front room, unless you want to.

Go out and gather all your favourite small foodstuffs, grab a blanket and throw it on the floor, et voilà! Your picnic!

If you are feeling adventurous, you can take the picnic outside and find a good spot to watch the world go by, but instead of sandwiches and salad, take some soup in a flask, sausage rolls and warming ginger cake. Look out for a #SuitedChef winter picnic soon.

Gentlemen’s Tip – you can combine the picnic with your cultural trip date as most galleries and museums have places where you can sit and eat. 

4 – Afternoon Tea

A great afternoon tea is fabulous at anytime of year, but there is something delightful about this meal of indulgence during the Winter months; the warm scones, the steaming tea, the indulgent cakes and all whilst the wind blows outside. Tea is a leisurely meal, so take your time and make it a perfect date.

You can now find Afternoon Tea (sometimes called High Tea) in most hotels and many other establishments all over the world at a varied price point.

5 – A Cocktail Tasting

Fancy night out with a little pizzazz to keep the chill of the night at bay? Then why not go out on the town? You can simply make your way to your favourite haunt and try a new cocktail or two, but instead why not try your hand at making cocktails yourself?

A number of bars in cities around the world are helping people to make their own daiquiri or, more appropriately for winter, a perfect Irish Coffee or a hot buttered rum, or even a Tom and Jerry.

It is always fun to learn to do things together and with this you get the added bonus of drinking your efforts.

6 – A Night at the Classics

The classics of opera and ballet are not for the faint hearted but the experience, if your partner even has the slightest interest, can be magical; everything from dressing up for the show to the beautiful performance venues that exude a magical class. The swirl of the music will sweep you up and transport you elsewhere. Do not put off this date if you have never tried it, we are quietly confident that the experience itself will change your opinion of the classics.

If you are able, go to one of the great venues such as the Royal Opera House in London, The Vienna State Opera in Austria or the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. Make a weekend of it.

Gentlemen’s Tip – If it is yours or your partner’s first time, pick a classical ballet or opera. 

7 – A Weekend in front of a fire

A weekend away in front of a log fire is probably the epitome of winter romance. Taking yourselves off to a country pub or a log cabin in the woods is a great winter retreat.

The crackle of the wood hits your ears as you sit snuggled on that sofa in front of the bloom of flames and sip a glass of wine or something warmer. This is what winter weekend evenings are all about.


We hope you enjoy some of our suggestions, some to inspire you, some to remind you of what is possible and some to rekindle the romance that winter sometimes dulls.


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