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A true man does not need to romance a different girl every night, a true man romances the same girl for the rest of her life Ana Alas

The Day of St Valentine is upon us, the day when show the world whom we love, whether that is the partner you are with or the partner you would like to be with. The day is special, even if it is over commercialized and the prices of roses quadruple for that week.

It is a day to declare love, whether that is in the privacy of your home with a card and a candle lit dinner for two, or with a grand gesture with roses and moonlight walks on a weekend away. It is a special day.

We know that with all things, in this age of media and marketing, these holidays have been made a little too commercial and perhaps even a little too forced. Though the sentiment behind it and the desire to give love and be loved in return, {to paraphrase the song ‘Nature Boy’} is what is important to us all and we all desire to be loved, it boosts our confidence and our well being.

It is one day of the year in which we should tell the one we love that we do love them fiercely. In reality, a gentleman woos {my personal favourite word for romance} the person of their heart all year round; we should not save it for one day. Though on this day, you should not forget to be romantic.

Here are my 1st Gentleman tips to romance on Valentines Day, it is the thought that counts and not the money spent, some of my best Valentine’s Days have been the least hard on the pocket.

Start with a Card : If you do only one thing, hand your beloved a card. If you are talented, make it yourself. If not purchase one, but make it simple. The words YOU write inside are the ones that are special, not the words written by someone else on the front. I always take care to write in the card my special message, you don’t have to be Shakespeare but just write from the heart and keep the words simple.

Listen : It’s Special: We here at the Perfect Gentleman always say Listen to your partner. Hear what they like and cater to those desires. If they like romantic walks, gallery visits, romantic dinners, trips to a show, then use that knowledge to design the date that they would want. I made a special day for Mrs PG once of giving her timed cards she opened at different locations as we spent the day going to all her favourite things, such as galleries, book stores and remembering the restaurant she wanted to go to.

Make a Meal of it : Whether it’s a lazy breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch in a glorious setting or a romantic dinner for two at a fabulous restaurant. Food has an amazingly emotive effect on us, it is a sensual experience, so please don’t forget the food. You can make a candle lit dinner for two at home or meet them for a picnic lunch with fresh bread and their favourite snack and a bottle of bubbles. Remember it is about connecting with your partner, spending time with them, so make sure it is about the two of you.

Flowers & Gifts : Whatever you do picking up the ‘Forecourt Flowers’ on the way home is not going to endear you to their heart when you hand it to them. We have written a series of articles about buying flowers and lingerie, read and take notice. A thoughtful gift can make a lady truly smile and that smile can be dazzling, remember the necklace scene in the movie ‘Pretty Woman’, if you don’t every lady does.

Time : One on the greatest gifts you can give these days in the busy world we live in is the gift of time, and the ability to spend quality time with your partner and loved one makes this the most special moment. Turn Off your phone and leave the computer and facebook alone and just spend time with the special person in your life.

Like with everything in life a little planning goes a long way and you have over a week to plan. These little thoughts and plans will go a long way, it shows you care and have the ability to listen and engage with your partner.

Remember a Gentleman Romances all the time, so take these tips and make a Valentines Day happen frequently for the one you love.

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