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Watches should be an essential part of every stylish Gentleman’s wardrobe. It is the perfect accessory to compliment an outfit and display your personality. Indeed a good timepiece has been part of Gentleman’s essentials for a couple of centuries and despite the rise of digital the classic watch stands the test of time.

I am a practical and classical watch person, I not one for over the top looks or huge bulk that makes your wrist look and feel like you are an extra from a 60s SciFi show. These are the ones that seem to be the fashion at the moment and yet the watch that I get complimented on is a simple small dress watch. Lest we forget the price point of some of them, for some watches you can purchase a car, holiday home or fund an election campaign. Each to their own of course, and indeed there are some beautiful timepieces and brands that are worthy of the price and some that are exceptionally stylish but those are the exception rather than the rule.

We at the Perfect Gentleman have steered away from timepieces as few fit into our parameters. So I was intrigued when we were introduced to Abbott Lyon, it was not a watch brand that I had heard off or indeed come across until now. Abbott Lyon are a British company that started only a year ago with the aim to make simple, stylish and excellent timepieces. I my opinion they have succeed.

Abbott Lyon Post

The watch itself is a solid elegant construction, with a large clean face and quickly readable dial. That either comes in a midnight black or clean white face. All of the watches have a gold plated stainless steel construction and a Quartz Seiko Movement and they are lightly water resistant.

What makes this watch stand out for me is the variety of straps. There are 23 different straps and two different faces giving you nearly 50 different style options. Something for everyone and for someone like me that likes to do a little matching with outfits, it is heaven sent. They range for the classical Black & Brown leather to a variety of textures, colours of leather. In time for Wimbledon they have released a set of woven straps in variety of colours which work well for Summer styling.

For such a dapper item, it is exceptionally affordable, with the most of the watches retailing for £119 ($187) rising to a maximum of £129 ($200).

I was kindly given a watch to try out and I have enjoyed it on my wrist for a week. I was given the Green/Navy Wimbledon White, which can be seen in the photos. One of the great compliments to any watch for me is that I don’t notice it on my wrist until I need to look at the time and this certainly fits the bill.

The other judgement of a good watch is if others notice it and they did. It got a great number of compliments and I look forward to wearing it throughout the Summer. To see how many more I get. People like the colours, especially in the summer. Indeed it makes a perfect Day watch. I might be purchasing a couple more in the future to make sure my watch fits in with my colour schemes.

We at the Perfect Gentleman are always on the look out for Affordable Aspirational products that mean that a Gentleman, whatever the status of his wallet, can dress with style and flair. The Abbott Lyon watches certainly fit into this category and we look forward to their next steps.

Abbott Lyon are on an online only retailer and have free worldwide shipping. For more information and to see the full range of Watches head over to their website

Abbott Lyon Post 2 

Competition Time – Watch Giveaway


We are delighted to have a watch from Abbott Lyon to give away to a lucky friend of The Perfect Gentleman.


All you have to do is Please take a photo of where you are watching Wimbledon this year and post it on Social Media  – Twitter/Instagram/Pintrest  mentioning us and using the hashtag #WatchWimbeldon


The most unusual place or just simply the best place that is shown in the photo will win a Watch of their choice from Abbott Lyon.


Terms & Conditions can be found here

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