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Can you advise on good storage for one’s pocket squares?


From @matthewtgoddard



Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your Question, it is a challenge for an ardent collector of Pocket Squares such as myself and #1PG – he has over 50, he is constantly being given them and purchasing them.

Sad to say there is no one way, unlike ties or cufflinks, with their catered for storage solutions, no one has made an easy Pocket Square storage system. Maybe that’s a business idea right there…mmm. But back to the question in hand.

The key is making sure they are not easily damaged, as they generally cost a pretty penny for such a small piece of material. Most of them are silk and can snag, so you need to keep them from catching anywhere. The other key factor is to keep them away from moisture, as that can also cause damage to the material.

Then there are a number of other issues that sort of determine what we need to think about to use. Firstly how many of the blasted things have you got? If you have a small number then it is quite easy to store, you can even place them in a resealable bag. Once you start to get to half a dozen it starts to be an issue. Secondly, is the amount of space that you have to store them. You might have a custom walk-in closet, in which you have a special built in storage system, though that would be a rarity. So most of us have to make do, with something that fits in our general wardrobe arena. So let us discuss some options

#1PG swears by boxes, either old cigar boxes or tin metal ones. Both are easy to come across and in the case of old cigar boxes generally free or at least cheap. This is a modular option. The more Pocket Squares you have the more boxes you need. It is also quite convenient, you can get the boxes that fit your space requirements and the number of Pocket Squares you have. Do remember to wipe down the cigar box first with a damp cloth and let it dry before using it. In this option it is best to fold them up loosely in squares and place them gently in the box.


I have a thing for the good old fashioned Draw. I only have about 2 dozen squares, and they fit nicely in one of my smaller draws in the sideboard in my bedroom. If you have a enough space or only a few items, use a draw. Lay them out flat in the draw and you can lift them out, to find the right one.

One of the other options that is frequently used is hanging them. That can be either using a carousel system or indeed using clothespins and wire. Indeed, using any one of these systems works. A carousel is a lovely way to display the colourful pieces of silk and cotton. Again, this generally works for a smaller number of pocket squares.


Some have improvised and used other storage solutions, such as tie boxes or old file card drawers to store them. Indeed, I have a rather louche friend that uses a Champagne Bucket that he stores all his in.

There are a few enterprising individuals have built or had built personal and custom systems for their own spaces and needs and if you have the time and/or money then this might be a great option.

Whilst I am here, let me say a quick word about taking care of the pocket squares:

At least once a year, more frequently if you scrunch them up,  it is always a good idea to press the Pocket Squares flat and then store the them in your storage solutions.

If you need to clean them, it happens occasionally, then it depends what material they are. Mostly, the squares will be silk, if that is the case take them to a dry cleaners that you trust and maybe indeed specialises in Silk.

We love a Pocket Square here at PGHQ, indeed it is our favourite flair accessory. Enjoy yours and I hope I have helped! I am off to design a pocket square storage solution!

Toodle Pip,

Uncle Henry


If you have a question for Uncle Henry email or #askhenry on Twitter @ThePGentlemen

We sometimes abbreviate questions and change the names/locations for privacy’s sake.

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