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Dear Henry, I realise that I may seem old fashioned with this question, but here it is. I purchased my two Nephews some presents for their Birthday in the week just past and I was somewhat appalled when they just sent me a text message as a Thank You.

How do I get them to write proper Thank You notes?

Kindest Regards,

S C, England 


Dear S C,  Thank you for your missive, we should have a postal address so you can drop me a line with these questions and if you send me yours I will drop you a note and maybe a goody or two.

Back to your question, and it is a most excellent one. I have had exactly the same issue, indeed the text itself was in some indecipherable language that is supposed to be English, but I could not read it.

One of the problems that the modern world has is we have lost the personal touch, it has been discussed by many more worthy minds than mine. How this digital revolution is beginning to make us all weird social lepers or some such. I wish people would call or write instead of Text, Tweet or Poke! Which is part of the reason that we are losing our basic manners, in my humble opinion, which I frequently inform the PG boys. Which, I have to say, they quickly agree with men on.

I digress from your most excellent question. Driving the youth of today to write…I have two methods, one is the harsh one. Tell them there will be no more gifts unless they put pen to paper. Which would have been my father’s way but then he was a strict man.

The other way is to lead by example, write to them on a regular basis and get them to respond and indicate that if they do it will be to their benefit. One of my young friends has started a mission to bring back letter writing and he has inveigled me into doing it too and I am getting the PG boys involved. He suggests picking a few people and writing about one letter a week to them. The rules are that it can be about anything, it has to be handwritten and it has to be sent by mail. We shall follow his progress closely.  Which would make a welcome change to only getting bills and pizza offers in the mail box these days.

I will start with getting them to write before worrying about penmanship or using a fountain pen. One Step at a time S.C., one step at a time. I shall speak to Nic & Zach about teaching young men to write letters.

I hope you get your Thank You notes S.C. Now where did I put my Fountain Pen?

Toodle Pip,

Uncle Henry

– If you have any more dilemmas then email or use the hashtag #askhenry on Twitter or Facebook –

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