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Aleksandar Cvetkovic

Cricket Flannels – A British Eccentricity

Also known as ‘whites’ for obvious reasons (I’m afraid there’s no intriguing buried explanation behind the name on this occasion) classic cricketing dress is a uniquely British and sartorial affair. I’m not a terribly sporting chap, so... read more

Considering Correspondents

I love correspondent shoes. The opportunity to step aside from the usual myriad of black wholegrain or chestnut calf and add some colour to one’s ensemble is a precious one. I can’t help but think however, that they more often than not, get a rather poor... read more

Reflections on the Morning Routine

First thing in the morning is a time of utmost importance to the fashionable gentleman. Many men who enjoy their clothes and take pride in their appearance relish this time – its often the only point in a busy working day where one can find any time for himself.... read more

The Perfect Romantic Weekend away – Oxford

Image from Back on Valentines day we concluded our Perfect Date series of articles with “The Perfect Weekend Away” This week we are taking that a little further and starting a series items on the perfect Towns and Cities... read more

The Perfect Gentleman (and Gentlewoman) at Christmas #5

We have asked all our Code of the Gentleman contributors to tell us what is special about Christmas for them, their family traditions, the eccentricities and the little things that make Christmas unique. We hope you enjoy them and maybe you will start a new Christmas... read more

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