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Quality Carnaby Haircuts for Men at Pankhurst Barbershop

Last week started off with a bit man pampering for me with a highly recommendable visit to Pankhurst barbershop in the Carnaby area of Soho. I went in for a beard trim and enjoyed every aspect of my upscale yet down to earth experience. Stuff I particularly loved... read more

Beard Oil from Beard-Base

Have you looked in your bathroom cabinet recently? How many potions and unguents are there lurking and how many of them do you really use? When I was younger I had a tin of shaving foam, a deodorant stick and a bottle of very pungent aftershave and that was it, what... read more

Pogonophobia among young professionals

What’s that? Pogonophobia? It’s the irrational fear of beards and the prejudice against beard wearing gentleman. You may think in our modern society of free-speech and liberty beard-bashing would be a thing of the past, that a reputable business man or civil servant... read more

Me and my hairdresser

Last week I got a nasty surprise when I went to get my hair cut. I recently moved house but decided to stay with my old hairdresser. Unfortunately this now means that a trip to the hairdresser is just over an hour round trip in the car. To top this, on my last visit I... read more

The rise and rise of the Bearded Man

When I was growing up it was only old men and Captain Haddock who had beards. Now it’s a young man’s game and the upsurge in well kept beards means that they are acceptable in the very best company. If you do a quick ‘Tube Survey’ in London you will find a surprising... read more

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