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Sam Adam Smith

A Guide to Summer Shoes

Summer is very much upon us with the warm weather drawing in, the smell of barbeque smoke drifting in the breeze and people flocking to beer gardens across the country. It was while frequenting my local pub that I noticed something, while the weather has adapted, most... read more

Keeping Cool in Spring with Linen

Spring is a month of constant changing weathers, from rain comes shine and from calm comes wind. Thus it’s imperative that you pick the best material for your spring and summer suiting, to help you keep cool, dry and stylish. The two most common materials people go... read more

The Windbreaker

Spring is a wonderful month; generally it is sunny and mild, only broken up with sporadic showers to drench even the most prepared gentleman. The use of layers is the simple way to adapt your outfit to the ever changing weather, allowing you to be prepared for... read more

National Tartan Day 2015

When people think of Scotland, they often conjure up a stereotypical image of a heavily bearded man lunging on a rock, his red coat and tartan kilt blowing in the stiff breeze, with a bag pipe clutched at his side, looking forward to dining on haggis. Much to the... read more

#3PG’s Tie Knots for Interviews

To nail an interview, there is a proven strategy for success, as we showed in our series “The Perfect Job Quest”. One aspect covered in this series is the attire in which one should attend an interview, which got me thinking… While the suit and tie goes without... read more

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