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Got the blues? A Gentleman’s insight into feeling good

Life has its ups and downs and there are some things that we cannot control. There are times when one’s physical health is not up to par and equally there are times when one may experience poor mental health. Firstly it is worth exploring our attitude towards those... read more

Cycling – exercise for Gentlemen everywhere

“Allez Gentleman Wiggins!” was the cry from the roadside at the 2012 Tour de France as Sir Bradley Wiggins powered to the top of the podium in Paris; but what is it about cycling that brings out the gentleman in us? One thing that even professional... read more

How a Gentlemen can eat what they want at Christmas and not put on weight

The Festive season really is the most wonderful time of the year. For children the wonder lies in the mystery of Christmas and the anticipation of what presents they might receive. For many gentlemen the wonder can be found in the glorious food, wines, sherries, ports... read more

3 reasons why it is imperative for a gentleman to exercise

It is generally accepted that physical activity is beneficial to our health and well-being but why is it so important for a gentleman? You certainly don’t need a six pack to be a gentleman. You don’t need bulging biceps or pulsating pecs but a strong, fit... read more

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