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Tom Swanston

World Compliment Day – Giving and Receiving Compliments

The 1st of March is World Compliment Day, which was founded in the Netherlands in 2005 as a non-commercial initiative (in contrast to Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Day) to create more positivity in the world. The PG team could not be more in favour of such a... read more

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, where everyone is encouraged to create a better world by spreading awareness and increasing engagement in kind actions. There is a Random Acts of Kindness foundation, which was formed in 1995 as a nonprofit organisation, with no... read more

Charles Darwin Day – A Gentleman Hero

The 12th of February is the birthday of Charles Darwin, and in his honour the world celebrates Darwin Day. So it seems only appropriate to write about the great man himself, a gentleman hero. For me personally there is a strong connection as I studied anthropology and... read more

Romantic Verse – How To Write A Love Poem

It may be that the origin of poetry itself was an outpouring of emotion inspired by the writer’s feelings of love for another person. There is something truly romantic in the thought that the arrangement of everyday words in verse form can evoke so much love, and that... read more

Groundhog Day – An American Tradition

Today is Groundhog Day in the United States. It is just the sort of enjoyable, silly and eccentric tradition you would expect to find in a British private school two hundred years ago. Maybe that’s why we love it so much! It is always celebrated on 2nd February (or... read more

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