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BPG_coverIf you hadn’t heard, our first book comes out on Thursday – Becoming the Perfect Gentleman. It is the first in our ‘Becoming’ series of books. We thought we would take this opportunity to give you a little bit more detail about this first book and what is coming in the rest of the series.

“Becoming the Perfect Gentleman” is an introduction into the world of The Perfect Gentleman, it is part handbook, part philosophy. It is a taster into the world of the Gentleman, not only giving the aspiring gentleman solid foundations from which to build, but also useful tips to make him stand out from the crowd.

In the book we cover style, grooming, business, romance, manners, travelling and more. We also go through a brief history of the British Gentleman. As we studied the gentleman we realised that there was a 1000 year history to précis. We delve into what makes a gentleman and the values he should develop through the 3 levels of respect.

Each chapter of the book offers a window into the Gentlemanly world, which we will expand on through the rest of the series – there is only so much you can fit into one book!

Our next book in the series is “Becoming the Stylish Gentleman”. In it will we expand on the core 14 wardrobe items that appeared in “Becoming the Perfect Gentleman”. We will dive deeper into core aspects such as the suit, giving you history and more details about the construction and how to pick the best one.

We will expand your wardrobe with further ‘sets of items’ that every self respecting Gentleman should be building towards, such as ‘seasonal sets’.  We will give you handy tips and tricks for all things sartorial and stylish including folding pocket squares, tying ties and more. “Becoming the Stylish Gentleman” is due out in time for Christmas.

Hot on it’s heels in February will be our third book, “Becoming the Romantic Gentleman”. This book will guide the aspiring gentleman through everything from approaching the lady of your dreams and whisking her off on a perfect 1st date to how to plan a wedding and the etiquette that surrounds it.

As with all the books in our ‘Becoming’ series, it will be full of Gentlemanly hints that will round out your knowledge, from learning the Language of Flowers to how create a Gentlemanly online profile for the digital dating era.

So then where does the ‘Becoming’ series go? Well, we have a number of other books in development some of which are expansions on chapters from the first book, and then there are others which round out the Gentleman’s education. In all we have some 15 titles that we have outlined and will be working through. Listed below are a select few and brief outline of what they will deal with.

Becoming the Groomed Gentleman – A well groomed gentleman goes far. We cover everything from shaving, hair styles, beards, scents and more.

Becoming the Junior Gentleman – You can never be too young to start to learn the gentlemanly skills and this gives our advice for either raising or starting out a Gentleman in life.

Becoming the Business Gentleman – A gentleman needs to conduct himself with grace in business to succeed and this helps with everything from Interviews, Networking, Business Style and Presentation skills and more.

Becoming the Mannered Gentleman – A comprehensive guide to Etiquette and Manners in all social situations from the everyday to the exceptionally rare, but updated for the modern and international world.

Becoming the Cultural Gentleman – Every Gentleman needs a well rounded education and we will help you enter the worlds of culture such as Art, Opera, Classical Music, Literature and more.

All of the Books will be co-authored with one member of the core team and in partnership with, and with guidance of, our expert tutors and contributors.

We hope you enjoy the first book and we look forward to you collecting the whole series with us as we move forward.

You can order “Becoming the Perfect Gentleman” through Amazon here  and if you are in London, why don’t you pop along to our book signing at Daunts in the City, details are here.

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