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Every year I (#1PG) like to select a theme, which gives me focus and provides a basis for everything I do. We are putting that into practice for the Perfect Gentleman and our theme this year is ‘Being a Gentleman’. What do we mean by that phrase? Well, we ask every man to think about ‘Being a Gentleman’ in every action and interaction throughout the year and then spread the word that the best way forward is through respect, thought, style, romance, and manners.

If you are a regular reader here, you know about our mission and how we view the Gentleman in the 21st Century. If not, please dig around our site and read up, especially our Perfect Gentleman Manifesto. The Gentleman is not ‘elitist,’ nor is he ‘posh’. He is not always a tweed-wearing pipe-smoker. He is not a Victorian ideal, stuck in the past. These are mismatched stereotypes similar to those previously placed on feminists. Suffice to say, the Gentleman of today is the midpoint between alpha male and dandy. He is stylish and charming, he is a polymath and a lover, and, when it is necessary, a fighter, in all senses of the word.

Last year, all across the world, the news was frequently made by appalling male role models who espoused violence, hatred and sexism. In 2015 we aim to reverse that trend, and instead to promote news filled with men who stand up as Gentlemen.

We ask all Ladies and Gentleman to make an effort this year, Yes, we want you Ladies to play your part too! This means accepting that random act of chivalry for what it is, a gesture of respect, consideration and perhaps in some cases adoration. The Gentleman who hands you a handkerchief or gives up his seat is probably being thoughtful rather than creepy.

As men, we have to make the most effort, which means thinking about our appearance; how we are dressed and groomed, and what impression we are making on the world around us. If you go out on a date, dress up, not down. Take care in your passive and active interactions with others. In other words, have a care when walking along the street. Say ‘Thank You’ to the man behind the till and smile ‘Hello’ to the ticket collector on the train. Be romantic. Give flowers for no reason, cook a romantic dinner for two or write a note of love.

This ethos should continue into how you behave at work, with your friends and family, and anywhere else.

If you are like this already, then well done; you are a Gentleman! But don’t stop there, help to spread the word and let’s say loud and proud that we are Gentlemen and that Being a Gentleman makes life better and people happier. Show that young man how to behave, have a word with your scruffy friend. If you need help, we and many other sites and books are on hand to help.

We at the Perfect Gentleman will do our part in 2015. Here on the Code we will have more regular features, guides, information and reviews. We will be working on ‘How To’ videos and articles. Our Podcast will become be posted weekly with features, interviews and more information. We will be publishing at least 3 books this year, starting with Becoming the Stylish Gentleman and Becoming the Romantic Gentleman. In the first half of the year we will launch our ‘Becoming the Perfect Gentleman – Live’ 2-day event in the USA, and we will develop various other elements to be released over the next 12 months. All of this is about making it easier for you to think about ‘Being a Gentleman’ all the way through 2015 and beyond.

Join us here, and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. Spread the message with the #Gentleman2015 and let’s make this the year the one in which the Gentleman steps back onto the world stage.


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