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burgerThe almighty burger, a tower of meaty perfection, garnished with a selection of your favourite toppings, sauces and relishes.

At least it was until big corporations turned your favourite naughty pleasure in to a rapidly delivered, cheap and ‘plastic’ equivalent. Many accepted this new alternative and lamented that the mighty burger was dead.

If you, like me, were one of these souls searching for a burger with a difference, you are in luck!

Enter ‘GBK’. No they are not a modern branch of the KGB, but are actually the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. A mecca for burger lovers of all tastes, wants and err sizes. This is what we have been searching for Ladies and Gentleman, a quality burger for the everyman, affordable, appetising and aesthetically perfect!

They currently have over 20 different burgers to choose from with 13 beef based burgers, 4 chicken based burgers, 3 vegetarian burgers and 3 speciality burgers.

These include such delights as Buffalo, Persian Lamb and Captain Cook. Captain Cook is actually a fish based burger using panko crumbed haddock rather than a traditional beef patty. There really is something for everyone at GBK!

The restaurants are not lavish, but are comfortable and cosy, think of a small up market burger bar off a beach all bundled into the heart of your favourite shopping centre. GBK operates a ‘Nando’s’ ordering system where you order at the bar and the food is brought to your table, making it quick, effective and dangerously easy to be served.

I would recommend the Kiwiburger, its unusual combination of beef, beetroot, pineapple and cheddar creates a beautiful succulent flavour that is unlike any burger I have had before. The pineapple gives a bite that is perfectly complimented by the matured cheddar mellowness and the spicy relish.

Another top burger I would recommend is the camembert and cranberry which is a chicken based burger. I first tried this on a freezing Sunday evening having spent the day out walking. The infusion of the creamy camembert, the sweet cranberry and the chargrilled chicken was the perfect end to the day. Seemingly not just feeding my appetite, but also the soul! (Sorry if that was a little deep for some readers, but you will understand if you try it!)

All the vegetarian burgers are good, the Falafel being my personal favourite. However if you don’t have a dietary restriction or a personal objection to the sampling of our finest 4 legged friends then I strongly recommend you put your Christmas or New Year diet on hold for an evening so the wonders of the burger can be rediscovered.

So you have the burger, but what about the sides or a refreshing drink to wash all that layered perfection down?

GBK offer a range of sides such as Rosemary fries, Sweet potato fries, skinny fries, chunky on skin fries, onion rings and chargrilled corn on the cob. All of which I am sure are moistening your lips, the Sweet Potato fries are light, tasty and yet a healthy alternative (if you want to try and pretend your diet hasn’t already been decimated).

As for a drink, there is only one option that you should choose if you are sound of mind, the milkshake. The milkshakes are served in ‘traditional’ American style, with your gigantic milkshake still in the metal blender cup used to wiz it into a thick shake. Also if you order one it will become apparent that the age old principle of ‘if in doubt double the size’ is applied heavily to the shakes. They come in chocolate, strawberry, banana, Vanilla and Lime.

All in all, I am glad I now have a restaurant on my food radar that allows me to return to one of my top guilty pleasure foods. Ladies and Gentleman the burger has returned and it is better than ever.

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