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Buying Lingerie for Her

It’s the last week before Christmas and you still don’t have that special gift for her.  You may not have any gift at all. You walk into the department store, it’s chaos, lights, music, shoppers rushing to and fro, you’re surrounded by other grey faced, panic-stricken men. Which department do you head for? Lingerie? If you find yourself in the undies department, proceed with caution! You may be standing in amongst the lace and thongs, imagining her in all kinds of kinky outfits.  But be very careful.  Step away from the bras!

Now,read on… Buying lingerie can either put you on a pedestal or in the doghouse. So many, many men get it horribly wrong.  Women usually know what looks best on them and what suits their body type, in terms of shape and style.

So how are you to know what to buy?

Let’s start with sizes.
Most men make the mistake of buying the wrong size. They overestimate the size of their lady’s bust, and underestimate the size of her bottom. Don’t guess! This problem is easily solved. Take a look in her underwear drawer and check the sizes. Check the size of her knickers, and the size and cup size of her bras. Obviously try to do this when there is absolutely no chance of being caught by her, her mother, her sister, her flatmate, her dog.

Next, look at what types she buys.
Look again in her underwear drawer and check what she has. Women’s underwear is much more complicated than men’s because they have to go under different types of clothes to create different effects. The bra is particularly complicated as there are different types that suit different figures and create different shapes.

Bras to Avoid
Practical Bras
These are either T-shirt bras, smooth and seam-free,  or everyday plain bras for wearing under clothes when a woman doesn’t want everyone to see the outline of her underwear. These are the types a woman buys for herself, so you are safe to steer clear of these.

Bras for Awkward Clothing
Some evening dresses are plunging or strapless or backless. This means your lady will need a multi-way bra, which can be done up a number of different ways, or a strapless bra. Again you can steer clear of these as they really to be bought in conjunction with the dress.

Bras You Want to Consider as a Gift

Different bras have different effects.  Women tend to fall into one of two types, depending on their size and shape.  They either suit a plunge bra, which pushes the breasts together, or a balcony bra, which pushes them up. She may have a variety in her draw for different clothes. Check which types she prefers. If you don’t know the difference, then ask the shop assistant to show you the difference or check on-line,  then go back and check her draw. The shapes are quite different and you’ll be able to tell the difference once have you have studied the two.

Underwired or not Underwired
Women have a very definite preference over wired or not. Again, check her drawer to see whether she has a preference!   If you aren’t sure if it’s wired,  feel the ‘under rim’ of the cup, if it has metal in it, it’s underwired.

Colours and styles

Slutty underwear may look wonderful on her, it may get your pulse racing, but don’t buy it as a gift.  She may have worn this kind of stuff for you before, but it was her choice to do that. If you buy it, it means you see her
that way, and she wants you to see her as classy.  Women prefer pretty and feminine to slutty or overtly sexy. Stick to beautiful lace, soft satin, rich colours and beautiful detailing.  Stick to something that looks expensive.
Women buy practical underwear for themselves; buy something that will look gorgeous and glamorous.

Now for the Knickers…
There are many types,   shorts,  thongs,  bikini.   Many underwear sets come with different types of knickers for each bra.  Again check her underwear drawer and look at the shapes she likes that suit her figure, and are, above all, comfortable. Don’t buy her thongs if she never wears them. And if she does, check the size. Buying a size too small will make her feel like she is trying to wear cheesewire.

So to sum up…
Check her favourite shapes of bra and knickers, check the correct sizes and stick to classy and expensive looking. And if that’s all a bit bemusing; you cannot go wrong with buying lingerie that is not a set of bra and knickers.   A beautiful silk and lacy slip or gorgeous and sexy silk pyjamas show her that you see her as a classy woman and it’s also a lot less risky. Above all…KEEP THE RECEIPT!

Underwear is tricky to buy and many women spend a long time trying to find the right size and fit.  Don’t be offended if she wants to take them back, they may be beautiful but not comfortable. You want your lady to be comfortable.   If you show care for her comfort, you’re a true Gentleman.

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