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chuv 1Gentlemen, gather round and hear this;  You have forgotten something important, something critical to the functioning of life: Chivalry.

Each small act of Chivalry, every single day, means a huge amount. Deeds such as opening doors, offering your seat, holding a chair, helping someone with a heavy bag or baby buggy or indeed walking on the roadside of the pavement.

It is possible that in these “enlightened times” you may have become so worried about how these gestures are perceived that you haven’t even asked the person you are helping,  in many cases women, how they feel.

Well, AXA insurance has asked and the women of Great Britain have spoken. Axa  surveyed 5,000 people and discovered that women, like, appreciate and even want men to behave in a Chivalrous way. I am sure that this is reflected not just in Great Britain but across the world.

Nearly two thirds of women would like to have their chair held out for them by a man and yet only LESS than one in five do! It gets worse, 75% of women would like to be offered a seat on the train and only 15% of men regularly do!

As our own research has discovered 90% of men think they are Gentlemen, but only 10% of women agree and here in this survey Axa have discovered further proof.

One of our key pieces of wisdom here at the Perfect Gentleman, is that Opening Doors, Opens Doors and the poll proves this. 80% of women surveyed agreed that they welcome this gesture which has become rare in this day and age.

Men of the world you need to listen and act. Just because we have forgotten the rules doesn’t mean they should not come back. If you are confused or unsure what you should do then you should seek advice. many of us were taught manners by our fathers and grandfathers. This may not be an avenue which is open to all so if you are in doubt ask an expert; like the Perfect Gentleman.

Chivalrous behaviour has almost a 1000 years of history and we seem to have forgotten it in the last few of decades. Times have changed but good manners, respect for your partner and demonstrating that you care for all and universal and timeless.

Therefore Gentlemen of Great Britain and the world, remember  start by making a small gesture today it could and probably will change your life. If you get knocked back just remember that 93% of women do not feel patronised by your gesture. Our advice is that you should always exhibit good manners and this survey proves that the majority will appreciate your actions.

Chivalry is still very much alive, especially on our watch!

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