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Easter is upon us and it has descended faster than a boulder on Wile E. Coyote. As I grow older, time seems to move swifter and more relentlessly onwards. I am not referring to the mortal years remaining in my life, simply that the passage of time speeds along. I am not the only one, many I speak to feel the same. Now is this just a fact of life or does this world of technology and information and overload mean that the perception of time is changing, just like the speed of our internet connections and computer processing power?

I am now heading down a path that is far away from the subject of chocolate that I wanted to start my piece about.  Chocolate is probably the antithesis of speed, it is fundamentally about relaxing and enjoying.

This coming weekend, tons and tons of chocolate will be consumed across the world as we indulge in the celebration of passage into spring. In fact, in the USA alone 90 million chocolate easter bunnies will be consumed. The first chocolate easter egg was made in 1873 by Fry’s chocolatiers in Bristol in the UK.

I discovered that the reason eggs are associated with Easter, is that the church banned the eating of eggs during lent, so you were only allowed to feast on them when Easter came around.

Back to chocolate, there are so many interesting facts about chocolate and how it has differed over the course of history from the bitter drink served by the Aztecs that made it across to Spain via trade to the sweetened drink that frequented the richest houses in Europe to the blocks of chocolate that we now have in our cupboards and fridges across the world.  Chocolate is still an indulgence, something to be savoured not just chomped through. It should be melted in the mouth and taken time with, so this Easter why not do that. Switch off a little and take some time with a little bit of chocolate.

Easter, aside from the religious connotations, is about spring and Spring is about renewal, the renewal of life and of the year. The clocks have sprung forward and the daylight we have starts to grow giving us more light to be more active. There is a part of me that thinks we should make our resolutions for change at this time of the year, rather than in the dull bleak January when there is nothing to look forward to but a few more months of winter. (The situation would be reversed for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, but you get my drift).

Therefore we should look at renewing and reinforcing the promises we made to ourselves in January. I am sure that we have all slipped a little from the path that we were determined to follow at the beginning of the year? I for one have certainly floated away from the personal course that I started down at the beginning of the year. The same is true for the Perfect Gentleman as well.

I was determined to get fitter and lose weight and though I have certainly started down that path and achieved some success, I have meandered away from my original course to success. With spring, summer and the spirit of rebirth and rejuvenation at my doorstep, I am making a revitalised effort and steering a truer course. So, here I am telling you, the world, that I will be losing weight partly by dieting but partly by launching myself into an intense exercise regime. So you can follow #1PG and his adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

As far as the Perfect Gentleman is concerned, we have also drifted from our path. Some of it was beyond our control and some of it was us wafting around with regards to our focus and what we wanted to achieve with the Perfect Gentleman in 2015. Part of it is very true, we do want to make 2015 the start of resurgence of the Gentleman and bring back it’s true meaning and values and finally shed the elitist and sexist overtones that have dogged it for so long. This we still believe and we urge you all to help us do that. What we wobbled a little on was how exactly to achieve this, but now we are clearer and though it is probably expansive and grand, we are pretty sure we can achieve it over the next 5 years.

Over the next few months you will see some changes over several aspects of what we do, from the Code of the Gentleman, to the courses we run and as we launch events and experiences both here in the UK and across the world, there will be changes. We are delighted about some of the new people that we are bringing on board and also some of the partnerships that are soon to be released. Please do stay tuned, we will be writing more news items about what we are doing as well.

Do join us on our mission and follow us on all our social media channels as they have all the different content and aspects of what we do.

So, this Easter really is a rebirth of The Perfect Gentleman, as we feel refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated to bring to you and the world the skills, information and education that will transform you into a person that will shine across the world.

But also this Easter, don’t forget the Chocolate.

Happy Easter!

Respectfully Yours,



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