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White van manAs I sit here this morning in the middle of my house move, in a rented white van, it came to me to think about the way we drive.

Driving a white van leads you down that path, familiar to most road users of the over testosterone infused driver who disregards many of the everyday rules of the road and this leads to an extremely un-gentlemanly driving style.

I can see the temptation, sited high up behind the wheel of a powerful van you feel the temptation to get a bit ‘lairy’. A temptation I am glad to say I managed to resist.

So as I stepped out of my white van back into my everyday car it occurred to me to try something different to wean myself off the white van man tendency.

I set myself a task to drive the 25 minutes journey back from the van hire company to home in the most gentlemanly way possible and it’s a method of driving I commend to all of you.

Before I set off the first thing I ensured was that I had plenty of time for the total journey what I could do in 25 minutes I would allow myself 35 minutes.

I decided that I would drive in the most gentlemanly way possible; that I would obey the not just the rules of the highway code, but also for that I would be as courteous as possible to other road users. I would let other drivers out of side streets and give give everyone plenty of space, I would in short, do everything possible to make other road users and pedestrians life as pleasant as possible.

I set out to be ultra patient and rather than hoot every person in front of me who was driving slowly or who dithers at a junction I was patience personified. Who can say they have never been guilty of making a mistake when driving or have arrived at a junction needing time to decide which way to turn, even in the age of Satellite Navigation.

When I ended my journey, and in fact it only took an additional 5 minutes, I arrive feeling far less stressed, far more relaxed.

The key element to my new gentlemanly driving style was not rushing, being patient and allowing other people to take priority. The result was not only a Gentlemanly Journey but in a far more enjoyable trip.

Let’s face it driving can be extremely stressful occupation especially if you don’t allow yourself sufficient time for your journey.

I commend the Gentlemanly driving style to all of you and I really do feel that if the gentlemen of the UK were to plan their journeys a little better, allow plenty of time and adopt a more relaxed attitude to the foibles of other road users the world would be a much more pleasant place.

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