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Red roses, Belgian chocolates and grand romantic gestures, it can only be Valentine’s. A day put aside for the special people in your life, to show them that you appreciate them and love them for who they are. The potential logistics can seem overwhelming, akin to trying to organise a crowd on a Black Friday sales day. Luckily the best approach is always to plan ahead and compartmentalise the areas that need your attention. The date for example, will you be going to a restaurant or the theatre, will you be walking and therefore needing to plan a ‘rain safe’ route or maybe you are driving and have to prepare for potential delays. Once you have made your decision on the date location and logistics, the last hurdle is your attire. So what is appropriate for a Valentine’s date?


With the surge in trendy bars, casual restaurants and underground clubs it has never been more essential to have a great date night outfit for the casual scene. Yet it’s the hardest to get right, you need to appear relaxed and informal, whilst still appearing to make an effort. Therefore it’s good to stick to the essentials, try combining a fitted white t-shirt with a dark pattern printed on with light grey straight cut jeans. Add a dark navy sports jacket or a thick knit jumper depending on the date location, with black sneakers or dark deck shoes. Overall you will end up with a casual but clean look that should fit in perfectly alongside the BBQ pork belly tapas in a Trendy Soho pub.

Appropriate dates:
Underground clubs, Edgy bars, Dinners, Breakfast

Smart Casual_beige jacket-green jumperSmart – Casual

Personally I believe the safest option for any date is the smart casual route, as it’s easily adaptable to any situation in which you may find yourself. Plus, all men look good in smart casual wear, as generally its comfortable and easy to get right helping with your overall confidence which will shine through. February weather is changeable so it’s best to go for layers that you can jump in and out of.

Try smart light blue jeans that are either a solid colour or have been gently stone washed. Combine this with a light blue dress shirt and dark green jumper. This gives you a base layer that is easy to strip down to in restaurants and pubs without stripping away your style. Add in a pair of fashionable dark brown monk straps and a brown leather belt to book end the look. Lastly, it is always a good idea to take a coat with you as even if you don’t mind the cold you could offer it to your date. A camel chesterfield coat adds extra texture helping to complete the look, think about adding brown leather gloves or a coloured scarf if you need to ward off further cold.

Appropriate dates:

Bistro pub, Ice Skating, Lunch date, Karaoke Night

Formal_navy suitFormal

We never make enough time for our partners; a recent survey found that 90% of people regretted working so hard. However, if you are fitting a date around work, it is important to be able to transition out of a work mind set as quickly as possible.

Try wearing a navy two piece single breasted suit, with a light pink dress shirt and black Oxfords. Add in a dark blue or burgundy tie to keep it smart for work, but wear the shirt open collar for the date. It’s the perfect suit to switch quickly and easily from the office to the bar.

Appropriate dates:

Wine bar, Up town restaurant, Cocktails

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is comfortable. Never wear new shoes out on a date; you will be nervous enough without being distracted by blisters and painful feet. The same goes for clothes, wear something comfortable, it will help with confidence and if you feel confident you will come across better. I wish you luck on your date and hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day.

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