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Rejection conceptBefore we go any further I think that we should tackle a subject that will inevitably come up in your quest for that Perfect Job: Rejection.

Rejection happens all the time. We personally, reject things everyday from people, situations, food and events. Through our life we are on the receiving end of that rejection as well. Whether that be in relationships, invitations and, as is relevant in this situation, in our career.

It is very likely that you will not be accepted for every job to which you apply (if you follow this guide those odds will drastically reduce), therefore you need to know how to deal with this situation in a way that leads you to a positive outcome and moves you forward quickly and back on the horse to continue the quest.

Emotional Response

Cards on the table, it is emotional and painful getting rejected and the first thing to do is deal with that upfront and quickly. Firstly, get it out of your system, if you need to rant or ‘download’ to a friend, do that. Change your state, go do something that makes you happy for awhile. Once you have done that physical action, then you can move on and choose to change your emotional.

We talk a little bit about changing state here, but it also about physicality – change your posture and put a smile on our face. Mental Focus – focus on happy situations or positive moments in life. Language – make your language for the rest of the day happy and positive.

It is not Personal

There are many factors that you may not be aware of that affect the hiring decision, such as Office Politics, Budgets, Management Directives, Change of Focus, and the list goes on.

It will probably be one or more of those things that have driven the decisions and nothing to do with you and your skill set. Just because it is ‘No’ now, does not mean it will be ‘No’ tomorrow.

Feedback is Friendly

Ask for Feedback, it is crucial for learning and taking your quest to the next step. Always ask the relevant people why you didn’t get the next interview, the next phase in the process or indeed the position.

Make sure you follow up and state how you were interested in the position and politely and professionally ask for feedback both positive and negative so as you can take this, learn from it and move forward.

If you get a stock response then that says more about the company than you and probably wasn’t the company for you anyway.

Improve the Hand

If there are consistent reasons for your setbacks on this quest, then you will need to address them. As in Poker, you can always take cards to improve your hand. The same is true in life, if this career path is the one you want, then seek to address those issues. Get further training, education, experience, do those things that will make you more attractive to employers and help you on the quest.

Get in the Groove

If you are struggling and the quest is longer than you anticipate then you might need to get in the work groove. Try volunteering in a charity office, take an unpaid internship in a company that works in the field in which you are interested. Invest more time in those areas that we mentioned in the first couple of parts of the Job Quest.  You will feel better by doing things and you never know what may occur, you get action by taking action.

Reframe that Picture

The picture that sits on the wall that your Aunt Dolly gave you, that your Mother loves but you hate it is a monstrosity. Well, the hideous frame of large garnish golden wood totally dominates the picture itself, so much so that you can’t even recall what the picture actually depicts.

One day you notice this fantastic picture of a beautiful yacht on a restless sea is in the monstrosity’s place. You comment to your Mother about it, she says “Oh Your Aunt’s picture? I had it reframed. I hated that frame but I need to find the right place to get it done, they fit now don’t they?”
Next week on the Perfect Job Quest – We tackle the all important 1st Interview.

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