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couple man woman ballroom dancers tangoing  silhouetteI have a guilty pleasure, I love watching Strictly Come Dancing (or Dancing with the Stars for our American Cousins). The fake stories are silly and all the forced reality TV drama is a little annoying but the glamour of dressing up is amazing but the thing for me is the journey of people to learn to dance, and especially the men. Sadly, the last male celebrity was knocked out before the final, but watching his journey and his discovery of the love of dance was a joy to behold.

Nowadays, the most men generally dance is jumping up and down at the Christmas party or gyrating at somebodies wedding. The skill of the dance has gone.

For hundreds of years, it was expected that men should be able to dance. In fact in most tribal situations it was the men who expressed themselves in dance to their gods or even in preparation for war.  Over the course of years, you were supposed to be able to dance in celebration, in the court of the kings and indeed it was a clever way to show your skill on the battlefield.

“Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.” / Confucius

Shakespeare’s plays are full of music and dance and if you go to The Globe Theatre in London, they end every play with a traditional dance. Showing that at the time everyone danced.

During many a year a woman would have only been able to meet potential suitors on the dance floor, so your one moment to impress was in that fleeting moment of intimacy. Romance was done on the dance floor, indeed many relationships were formed on the dancefloors of the world. I would say that if you asked your Grandparents about going to dances and meeting people, they would smile and tell you a tale.

It was not that long ago that men and women went out to dance together, in a hold an embrace, not todays world of dancing a together but at a distance at a club or indeed if you are skilled enough in solo performance of skill. Solo skill is a wonderful thing to behold but it is not romantic, sensual, or about connection.

You only have to watch a group of couples dancing the  Salsa or a Tango and you see the sensuality of the couples and the fun that they share, but even a waltz can be dazzling.

I would suggest that in 2014 you take up a class or two and not only is a great way to get fit but will give you a skill set that will make you stand out. You might see me there at a class, as we all need a extra bit of skill.

So Gentleman, make it your mission to get on the dance floor this festive season and start to take your partner in hold and move.

Respectfully yours as always,


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