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iStock_000007969134SmallOne of our Perfect Gentleman wisdom (#PGwisdom) mantras is  “Manners are memorable. Be a gentleman, be remembered” and this was brought home to me with a couple of  incidents in the last few weeks and how just being convivial, mannered and a little charming means that people will always remember you and want to see you again.

I have travelled to the USA a couple of times in the last few months and been to a Cigar store local to where I was staying. The first time I went I had some very interesting chats there. The people were exceptionally nice and very interesting.  A few days after I got back to the UK, my host in the USA who had taken me to the this place, mentioned that the people I met there kept talking about me and was looking forward to my return.

Now, I had not done anything special. I had just sat and talked to the people in the shop. I had been polite, I had taken an interest in them and their lives. Indeed when they found out what I did, we had all sorts of discussions ranging from Bow Ties to lessons on Rugby.

The second incident was I attended  an event a week or so ago, it was an excellent night and I met some interesting people. I was networking as I always do and taking interest in others and chatting to all and sundry. Towards the end of the evening, the organiser of the event came and found me. He said that he had met several people that night that had specifically told him to meet me. So, he had to come over and introduce himself and we had a very pleasant chat.

Yes, what we do here at the Perfect Gentleman is memorable, but it is about doing more that lounging in someone’s memory for a fleeting moment. It is about staying there and triggering them to remember you. I am always humbled and pleased when people say that they have heard of the Brand, let alone me. It is truly flattering.

How do you be remembered? Well, I would start by reading the great ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie. I always recommend this book to everyone. It has done me a great service throughout my life.

Firstly, dress appropriately and smartly. If you look the part people will notice. When you speak to someone, take an interest in them first. Talk to them about their interests and lives. Remember there names. If you are engaging in conversation, think carefully about what you say, as you never know who is there and how they may react. Remember a Gentleman’s primary goal is to make people feel at ease. When you leave always say goodbye and make a point of saying something they had told you in conversation even if it as silly as ‘have a safe trip home’ if they are travelling a long way. And always address them by their name, it will make the world of difference.

I would say that we have to add another PG Wisdom mantra – “The Gentleman is always remembered long after he has left the room”

May I wish you all a fantastic week.

Respectfully yours,


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