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Barometer-change“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

John C Maxwell

Change is part of life.  We change our moods, outlooks and perceptions. We certainly change physically as we grow older. Even the dynamics in our relationships change. What we desire out of life changes and that is just the start, so much more changes all the time and all through our life.

People are not alone in this, Business experiences changes too. It may have to adapt to factors such as market forces, customers, economics, changing personnel and more. It might even have to pivot it’s entire business model to succeed or grow.

Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We all have different predispositions to change. Some of us can take it on the chin, some of us ‘push back’, some of us actively seek out change and most of us just don’t want it to happen. Indeed most people fear change. They fear the unpredictability of it, the impact it will have on their lives, the loss of trust or control over a situation and sense of ‘bad timing’ and the idea that we have wasted time or effort to get to this point. Businesses are no different, they experience all those factors and can easily multiply those feelings by the number of employees in that company.

Our brains and our organisations like things to be continuous, to fit the pattern and to avoid change we also seek out people like us. This is exemplified in many organisations, groups of similar people flock to certain companies, to fit in. Look at the type of people that Google employee compare that to the type that IBM have. Then comes the problem because when change does occur, as it certainly will, the large homogenous workforce will probably be resistant to change and it can easily lead to, at the very least, stagnation.

This is also true for people and the kinds of people that we associate with as friends and acquaintances. Imagine if you will, you are told you need to become a runner and most of your friends idea of exercise is walking to the pub. Can you think of the myriad of different ways that single change will affect your life and friends?

Why do we have to change? Well, as I mentioned earlier, everything always changes indeed, change is inbuilt into the laws of nature and therefore business and we need, as people and businesses, to embrace the changes that befall us and enjoy the flexibility of life. Change is required for growth, evolution and success. It is also required to show when things are going wrong.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

Winston Churchill

There are things where we can do to influence the changes that occur, especially within areas that we control, such as our health, our education and our mental outlook. There are also ways to deal with and accept change that we have no control over. I have highlighted a few below.

A Gentleman’s Hints to Dealing with Change

Realise that Change is Inevitable – If we understand that everything does change, then when it does, we can be ready for it.

Acknowledge the challenge – One has to realise that changes bring challenges, we have to acknowledge them.

Small Steps – Radical change, unless necessary, brings with it radical reactions. If you know there needs to be change then be ready for it.

See the Positive – See what Positive impact the changes will bring and focus on them.

Think of it as ‘Leveling Up’ – perhaps think of the change as a process of ‘leveling up’ in game terms. We need to change to get better and face new challenges.


A final thought, embrace the changes that occur and learn from them and indeed learn to be the change in your life.

Yours of the flexible mind,



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