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“The only true source of politeness is consideration.”

William Gillmore Simms

One of the reasons I started The Perfect Gentleman was my frustration with the lack of consideration that people show to one another. It is everything from thinking about whether the entire bus wishes to hear about your love life; letting people pass you on the street when it narrows; dressing to show your respect to the people you’re meeting for work; to saying ‘Thank you’, even to your spouse for the cup of tea; the list can go on. Consideration is the little things, the small elements of respect and politeness that make the world move that more smoothly.

I was brought to mind about my obsession with Consideration this week a number of times, both as good examples and as bad ones of Consideration or lack thereof!

Firstly, I am always baffled by the lack of consideration on the streets of major cities of the world. We all have to get places and we all live and work in these metropolises, so we need to show some consideration. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This week I have seen large groups of men, yes it’s mostly men, standing in the street and blocking the whole pavement (sidewalk) and just chatting. This forces anyone who wants to walk past onto the street or to force the way through. Some of these groups were outside pubs, but not all.

“Within the hearts men, loyalty and consideration are esteemed greater than success.”

Bryan H McGill

Secondly, I was out this week at the concert of a friend, Lenny Lawrence, for his new Blues album. I had gone with Mrs 1PG and a few friends. We had met up beforehand and then we were heading to the gig. One of my friends had left his phone at the place we were at previously, but one of our other friends had noticed this as he was running late and brought it with him to the venue. Texting our friend so he was not unduly disturbed.

I had a lovely discussion with another man this week about being considerate to all around you. He was in his later years and he was talking about his community and how when we was a young man they would all look after each other. Yes, there was some youthful indiscretions, but generally they all watched each others backs and he compared that to now and the place he lived in he didn’t even know his neighbours. Even though he had approached them a couple of times, but they brushed him aside.

One of the key principles of the Gentleman for me and for the PG team is about losing that selfishness that imbues our society and thinking of others. Start by being considerate. Remember where you stand on that pavement.

May be we can make this world a better place with that little bit of consideration, respect and gentlemanly behaviour, at least one community at a time.

Considerately yours,

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