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controversy“Why don’t you make comment about things like the situation in Iraq, Syria or comment on the Jennifer Lawrence hacking?” asked one person, quickly followed by “Why don’t you chase ratings with controversial headlines?”. During a discussion over coffee with a couple of business associates these questions came up. I was told we should ‘piggy-back ‘ on these issues to get coverage, we should stand up and make controversial statements about things.

Now, my friends are very successful in their fields and one is a great digital marketeer, so they have gravitas to their opinions and I respect them, but I explained to them why we do not follow their suggestion and I thought I would share it with you, dear readers.

Firstly, the easy answer. Gentleman don’t do that. We don’t go out and seek controversy. If it comes knocking directly at our door then we shall deal with it. It is not gentlemanly to put your head above the parapet just for ‘media exposure’.

Secondly, it is a personal choice of the Perfect Gentleman as a company. When you build a company that has a very strong brand ethos, message and mission, you need to stick to your principles. We agreed a number of things when the company was formed, one was that we would not chase headlines, even if that meant it would take longer to get noticed. We wanted to be known for our principles and that is now coming to fruition.

Thirdly, on some of these subjects I am not in a position to make an informed opinion. I am not an expert on the Middle East conflict, Muslim religious factions and the details of Internet Security. But there are certain subjects on which I can and will provide informed opinion, as you will see if you keep reading, listening and watching us.

Yes, barbarism is wrong, murder is wrong and there is cruelty in the world. Would it be good if it went away? Of course it would, and we can all strive to make that happen, but the PG jotting down some thought or another will not change that, only actions will do that, and we will take action as and where we can and within our own abilities.

What I, and the PG team, will stand up for is Respect, at all levels. Respect for each other, respect for yourself, and respect for the world at large. We will defend the weak and the less fortunate, and stand up of them in the face of adversity and in front of the bullies. We support equality for all. We support the opportunity for you to excel in your chosen path. We support hard work and determination. And the list goes on…

If someone from the Press wants to ask our opinion about something and we think we can offer a valid opinion, then I and the PG Team are more than happy to make our feelings known. We do have strong opinions and if they then cause controversy, so be it. We will deal with it, as Gentlemen.

Respectfully yours as always,



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