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I don’t think anyone can believe the strange weather we are having here in the UK. It is the beginning of June and Mrs FB is still getting out the hot water bottles and keeping out the winter blankets. I braved shorts on Saturday but was swiftly back into trousers by Sunday, our Gentleman’s summer wardrobe is going to have a very reduced season this year and that is a shame as the Gatsby influences really do lend themselves to better weather. Those searsucker sackets, white trousers and causal suede loafers are no good in a country which can’t decide what season it is hour by hour, let alone day by day.

The seasons being as confused as a dog in a field of tennis balls, it has caused no end of problems, one of those being the fact that the hay fever season has condensed. I am a sufferer of this most annoying of afflictions, when the sun comes out and the pollen rises my sinuses block and my eyes start to water. Everyone is bouncing with joy and I am looking for the nearest packet of anti-histamine.  This year with spring not really happening as usual, the pollen season had not started with it’s usual thrust in Arpil/May it has been condensed explosion, according to the BBC. I can tell you they are right, my hayfever has certainly kicked in with a vengeance. Which in turn means I end up carrying more than my usual two handkerchiefs to combat my nose and eyes, leaking all day long.

We are dismayed at PG HQ, that so few people these days carry a handkerchief or indeed a packet of tissues on their person daily. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone carried a one to deal with all manner of issues but mostly our noses.

Myself and most of the team are amazed by the number of people, who sniff and snort their way through the day, on public transport, walking down the street, over coffee and even over dinner. Wipe, dab, ruffle or blow your nose with your handkerchief that you should be carrying.  I am not even getting into the spread of infection conversation, just the plain disrespect it shows to your fellows, by constantly sniveling their way through the day.

Handkerchiefs are not expensive, you can pick up a pack of 10 at most large clothing stores for the price two large skinny mochas.  At PG  HQ, we are sticklers for always carrying our handkerchiefs, in fact it is usual for all of us to carry at least two, if not more. As we say, one for ourselves and one for someone else, these days that is increasingly and annoyingly more frequent.

Remind me to tell you one day about how my two handkerchiefs helped my court my wife….

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