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Cinema clapboard in handsWe love working with exciting and interesting people, the team we have at PG is like that and then the friends, partners and other people we work with should always fill that criteria. None more so than our great friend, Peter Ferris.

Peter and his amazing team at Ferris Entertainment are responsible for making our amazing ‘A Gentleman Talks’ series. We first met through a mutual friend, sometime before The Perfect Gentleman,  we ended up discussing films, the future of the entertainment industry and all manner of things. We both are especially passionate about doing things differently in the entertainment world, as we both know the model is broken and needs to be re-invented for the new digital and technological age.

During one of later discussions, I mentioned that it was rare to do hour long interviews anymore, everything had to be the 15 minute soundbite and I wanted to bring it back. His words were, “That’s Amazing, lets do it!” So we plotted together and came up with the idea for this show. An hour long interview with ladies and gentleman, we agreed it need to look as professional as we could make it on the budget we had and I and the whole PG team could not be happier.

The shooting days are an absolute pleasure, Peter and his team make everyone feel at ease and we operate like a well oiled machine. We have filmed 22 hour long episodes and are now working on our 2nd series!

But Peter is not only a director, he is a visionary and amazing teacher. He has been running Masterclasses in bringing Actors, Directors and Producers together and embracing technology and the making films in a dynamic way. He is at the forefront of Mobile filming, in fact he has been lecturing at the prestigious SWSX festival and also the glamourous Marbella International Film Festival in the last couple of weeks.  He is also working with people out of work or made redundant to train them in the creative arts, not only to perhaps get them a career (which he has done successfully) but more importantly to build their confidence and help them take the next step in Life.

Which is really, what the Perfect Gentleman is about. It is about equipping men with the tools, skills and confidence to take on the world and change it for the better.

We will be most happy to see Peter and his team next week, when we start to film the second series of ‘A Gentleman Talks’  and hope we both can build a better world!

Respectfully yours as always,

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