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(Image from the Daily Telegraph)

(Image from the Daily Telegraph)

An Introduction to Hair & Beard Week.

We are always trying to improve what we do at The Perfect Gentleman and we are always coming up with new projects. Nic (#2PG) our esteemed Editor came up with the idea of themed weeks for the Code of the Gentleman and for us to do across all our channels. As he is resplendent with his facial hair, we decided it should be a Hair & Beard week that would launch us off. So here we are the First of our themed weeks, celebrating the everything Hair on the Gentleman, from hairstyles, Barbers, Moustaches, Beards and everything in between.

Now I never have had Facial Hair, apart from the occasional unshaven week due to illness or travel, I always prefer the clean shaven look. Though I have been persuaded this year to try Movember, so we shall make it a PG team effort for Movember, but back to now and our theme this week.

My memories of facial hair are not beards they are made up of Moustaches. My father, when I was but a child, had a pretty impressive moustache, it was thick and black and suited him to a T. I had an admiration for moustache and always associated them with a certain man, that was amply aided by the fabulous facial hair or Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck. These two debonair and rugged men of the Entertainment world, played hereos I wanted to aspire to as a young man.

Tom Selleck, a Thomas Magnum, lived the life and Burt Reynolds as everything from Hooper, The Bandit and Sharky was dangerous, fun-loving and they were just cool. In a very manly way. I think that is the abiding memory I have is that these were very macho men, which my father as an ex-gurhka officer had that air about him. Maybe it was the period that these men ruled our screens but it is a memory that has stuck with me to this day.

Though the Moustache also adorns the face of one of my all time favourite idols, the great David Niven.  His was not the busy affair the men above wore, but the dapper delicate one of the man of that period. He was joined in his rakish facial hair by the legendary Errol Flynn and Terry Thomas.

These Gentleman make the moustache cool, sophisticated and desirable. Let’s hope that this week we can guide you through the maze and make you a more knowledgeable man about your hair and facial hair!

Though I am not growing a moustache for this week, I shall be growing one for Movember and hopefully we will see how it shapes up and whether I can do my heroes of yesteryear justice.

In the meantime enjoy our themed week,  and enjoy the feel of the Spring breeze through your hair. 

Respectfully yours,


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