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 “The Harder I Work, the Luckier I Get”

Samuel Goldwyn, Movie Producer

We are bombarded with messages of getting things faster in today’s world – Faster ways to Fitness, Quicker ways to Wealth, Rapid ways to Romance and the list goes on. The mainstream media loves an ‘overnight’ success story, the man who is one day working at the counter of a fast-food store and the next is signing a record deal. Social media, email and electronics give us fast access to things at our fingertips and that drives a sense of speed in everything we do. We want things quicker, but is that better for us? Is that the truth? Simply put, I don’t think so.

The ‘overnight’ success is such a rarity. What those tales don’t tell you is that the man in question worked a job to fund the free gigs he played at 3-4 nights a week to perfect his skill and build an audience. And the fact that he had been doing that same thing for 5 years before he got his record deal. Does that constitute ‘overnight’?

The Man who loses a great amount of weight, that takes a mental focus and iron will. The discipline of dieting and exercising to get the body that he desired and then the effort to continue that process. This had been building for some time beforehand, it is a rare person that one day leaps out of bed and says “I am going to change!”. The results might have happened quickly, although that is not true for everyone, but the will power and the discipline is what is required by all.

The Lady who runs the Marathon for the first time and comes in the top three. The general public does not see the hours in training over many months that go on beforehand. The injuries, the setbacks, the dieting and not forgetting the training regime.

The bulk of what is required to create Change, whether that be success in Work, Romance, Health, or Life, exists beneath the surface, like an Iceberg, and away from the cameras. It generally takes place over a period of time that is sometimes measured in years not hours.

Yes, at The Perfect Gentleman, we teach you skills to make you a better person, but we know that these things take time, practice and support. We know that you might not get there the first time, but with our help and those around you, you will become more stylish, more suave, more debonair and you will become that shining Gentleman example.

So I ask you not to think that anything can happen overnight. Put the work in, the real hard work and it will pay off. You might not see it straight away, but others will see it before you.

Keep up the hard work,

Respectfully Yours,


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