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BPG_Daunts windowLast week, I was the compere and host of a two day conference and with the conclusion of that a chapter closed and gives me complete freedom to focus on Perfect Gentleman and take it on the fantastic journey it needs to go on over the next few years. But I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you our plans for the next 6 months and how you can join us in our mission.

If you haven’t heard, we are releasing the first in our series of books, Becoming the Perfect Gentleman this week. We are really excited about this new media venture for the company and the mission. I will write in depth about the Book and the series that follows in another article later this week.

Also this week will see the release of the new main Perfect Gentleman website. This is where you will be able to book courses and events, purchase books, audio courses and other items as we develop them. It will give information on our courses, events and how to reach us for corporate training and our new PG Valet programme, the details of which will be released over the course of the next 6 months.

We will be revamping the Code of the Gentleman site over the next few months and looking to give it a more magazine style in readiness for transferring it to a tablet-ready digital magazine in the near future.

The Short Courses are being relaunched for a September start, you will be able to learn ‘How to have the perfect 1st date’, ‘How to pick the perfect suit’, ‘How to be Charming’ and seven further courses that we will release in this first ‘term’ as it were. As new ‘terms’ occur we will be adding more courses to our roster and, as with everything we do, it is all about giving you the advantage in Business, Romance and Life.

Not only are we relaunching the short courses. We are really excited to bring back the 2 day signature experience – Becoming the Perfect Gentleman – The Event. We have revamped it from 2013 and for a weekend in October, we will once again be teaching you how to Dance, demonstrating how to shave, giving you the finer parts of Bartitsu and more, including a packing challenge and a 1st date right in front of you.

The Future of the Perfect Gentleman is taking our mission around the world and in 2015 we plan to launch in the USA and maybe one other country. We will give you more details of these plans as we move forward.

Finally, very soon we are going to be giving you the opportunity to be part of the Perfect Gentleman. We are just in the final throws of organising our Crowdfunding campaign. You will be able to own your own little piece of the Perfect Gentleman and help us make the world  a more respectful, stylish and gentlemanly place!

Full details will be available across all our media channels in the near future.

As you can read, the future of the Perfect Gentleman is back on track and the team and I are really excited to help men develop and fulfil their potential and succeed in all walks of life. That is why I started this project in the first place and now we are building the momentum to make that a reality!

Join us in whatever way you can.

Respectfully yours,



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