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GentAdvantageSomeone asked me last week – ‘What’s in it for me? Why should I want to be a Gentleman?’ And this is not the first time I have heard this refrain, people always want to know what benefits that something provides them with, especially a service such as ours.

“So lets start at the beginning”, as the song says, “ it’s a very good place to start”, the Gentleman has a 1000 years of history, that means a very long time to get things right. It means that the lessons we teach are based on extremely solid foundations, tried and tested over not decades but centuries. It has precedent for success.

We have learnt in recent times that pretty much anything, can be taught. You might never be an Olympic Swimmer but you will be able to get from one end a pool to other. The same is true of the fundamental values which we teach, they are skills and therefore they can be taught. You can LEARN to be charming, you do not have to be born with it.

Those are the fundamentals but what are the real benefits? Lets start with Business; the work world is becoming exceptionally tough, you need every possible edge to get and keep a job and even more so to grow within that job. Bosses are not just looking for outstanding qualifications they are looking for people who have the additional skills, the soft skills. Indeed article after article in the press, shows that employers value skills such as Manners, Etiquette, Style and the ability to engage with clients in more social situations and this is even more true as you climb the corporate ladder.

The Perfect Gentleman will give you the advantage here. We were recently approached by a client because he had hit a glass ceiling in his work, he had the qualifications and the knowledge but he was struggling when put in ‘client facing’ situations. He wasn’t dressed appropriately, had poor manners, dull conversation and was just not cutting it. With our help he broke through that ceiling in a short time.

Every single day, we hear the same comments from ladies: “Thank you for doing what you do”, “we need more gentlemen in the world”. The world of Romance is full of recommendations; magazines are full of columns of dating advice, TV shows pepper our minds with lessons in love and movies show an ideal standard of Romance. We believe it is quite simple. Every woman wants to be treated like a Lady and every man wants to be thought of as a Gentleman.

We can show you how to make that key first impression, how to think about the little things that make the largest difference and also and probably most importantly how to keep a relationship both fresh and full of Love.

The final Gentleman’s Advantage is in life in general. It is time to be a good and noble person. What man would not want to be regarded by his friends and family as ‘the go-to-guy’, the man that other men want to join in the pub to talk and laugh with. The man who women look at, sigh and say ‘if only he was mine’. A success in Work, Romance and life in general, able to ride the rough water and sail off into a glorious sunset of success.

That’s why you should be a Gentleman, that’s what’s in it for you!

As always, respectfully yours,


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