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Paul Methven, my maternal grandfather

Having never known either of my grandfathers, I was inspired a few years ago to write this ode to them both. In the lead up to Father’s Day, maybe we should think of and be grateful for our grandfathers too.

Goodbye to my Grandfathers Mollycoddle – that’s a word my grandfather taught me,
Or, at least, he would have done had I known him.
They say that you can’t miss something
That you’ve never known,
But I miss my grandfathers.
I miss their big, wrinkly hands

Mungo Swanston, my paternal grandfather

Mungo Swanston, my paternal grandfather

Picking me up out of the sea as the waves
Crush the sand castle that we’ve spent hours
Building together.
I want to so say farewell to my grandpa,
And adieu to my grandfather,
But I’m not sure you can say ‘goodbye’ to someone
To whom you have never said ‘hello’.



Tom also writes rhyming stories for children.

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