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Man Holding FlowersThink before you buy flowers!
You go and visit your loved one with an unexpected bunch of flowers; she looks at you, her eyes narrow as she carefully scans your face for signs of guilt. She could be an interrogator for the CIA. She has this amazing capacity to analyse every twitch on your face. She wonders, ‘What’s he done now?’

All too often men buy women flowers hoping to get away with something. They think a bunch of Daffs will keep them out of the doghouse. Well think again gentlemen. We are far too smart for that.

And what a waste of a glorious way to really make your woman think you are the most wonderful gent on the planet. Gentleman please remember that there isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t love being given beautiful flowers if they’re the right flowers and given for the right reasons.  But I can hear you panicking from here. The right flowers? What are they? And the right reasons?  

So let me take you on a petal strewn journey through the art of flower buying and I guarantee you floral bliss with your beloved. Learning how best to buy flowers will make you a true gentleman in her eyes, it tells her you not only that you care, but that you want to show her that you care. The quickest way to a woman’s heart is to show her that at some point during the day you put some serious thought into buying her a gift she would love.

So when do you buy flowers?
Well obviously birthdays, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. But don’t just stick to obvious things. To really win her heart with scented blooms surprise your woman with your thoughtfulness. If you’ve had a particularly amazing date, if she’s having a difficult time, if she’s feeling unsure of herself or insecure, if she’s just landed a new job, if you just want her to know how much she means to you. Or….just because….

Where to buy them?
Well flowers are everywhere these days, but that doesn’t mean all bouquets are created equal. Petrol Stations – A bunch of Texaco carnations, may be ok once in a wh,ile but they don’t last long and they send a very strong signal to her that she’s an after thought – you saw the flowers after you filled up the tank and grabbed a random bunch on the way to pay for the petrol. That is not the message you want to send.

Supermarkets – many now do some beautiful flowers that are tastefully wrapped, and can be a charming gift. They will cost a little more than petrol station flowers but they are worth the small extra cost. They won’t of course come wrapped in beautiful florist’s paper or be delivered, but it won’t hurt you to turn up with them, just remember to take the price off.
But also remember that these are the flowers a woman might buy herself for the house or as a gift for a friend. If you really want to impress then head for the florist.

There really is no substitute for a florist’s bouquet. If you are worried about the cost, remember that they’re not all expensive. Sometimes a small but exquisite bunch of something like freesias, with their gorgeous scent can be fabulous. Also some women love plants and you can get a beautiful potted plant that she can keep and nurture, which of course means that she’ll think of you every time she waters it.

Florists also deliver, and there is no lovelier thrill for a woman than to be told by the office receptionist that Interflora has left her a delivery. Every woman in the office will be green with envy and will want to know who they are from. And if you choose to deliver them to her home, I guarantee her face will light up when she opens the door to see the delivery man smiling at her, especially if he’s groaning under the weight of a spectacular bouquet.

Think about the ‘message’
But it’s not just the flowers, pay attention to the card you write. Make sure you write a meaningful message, not just ‘Love Keith’. It doesn’t have to be long, but make each little word count. The card will last forever, the flowers won’t. And if you write a card that really touches her heart, she’ll keep the card, and perhaps even a piece of the ribbon that wrapped the bouquet.

So which flowers?
Be careful what you buy. I was once repeatedly given white lilies by a man who seemed to go deaf when I gently pointed out they reminded me of my father’s funeral as they are, technically, funeral flowers in Britain. He took no notice and carried on buying them for me as heliked them. Needless to say, he didn’t last long!

Find out what shelikes. If you are walking near a garden, ask her. She might love yellow flowers, or roses, or peonies. If you don’t know what they are, remember the name or make a mental note of what they look like. It’s so much more thoughtful to surprise her with her favourite flowers than a generic bouquet, she’ll be touched you remembered. And if she happens to like peonies or freesias, they’re cheaper than roses if you aren’t flush with cash!

If you have no idea what she likes, talk to the florist and describe her. Describe her personality, the clothes she wears and the colours she likes. I am presuming of course that you have noticed what colours she likes. If you are gentleman you will pay attention to these small details.   
A good florist will select something lovely for you. A mixed bouquet in her favourite colour will be a hit.

The language of flowers.
The Victorians knew how to give flowers and each flower had a special meaning. That meaning has been largely lost,  although we all know roses signify romance. But what about buying her a beautiful book on the language of flowers: The Secret Language of Flowers by Samantha Gray

Buy yourself a copy and send her the appropriate ones at the right time. She’ll melt into your arms if you show this much thought.

A rough Gentleman’s guide to the message of flowers:
Carnation- Fascination
Chrysanthemum- Friendship
Daisy- Loyal love
Orchid- Love and beauty
Lily- Purity and sweetness
Red rose- Romantic love
Pink rose- Secret love
Yellow rose- Friendship
White rose- Innocent love
Rose, Yellow & Orange: Passionate thoughts
Forget-me-not- True love
Baby’s Breath: Happiness
Lilac, Mauve: “Do You Still Love Me”
Honeysuckle – The Bond of Love
Ambrosia: Your Love is reciprocated
Camellia, red: You’re a flame in my heart
Camellia, white: You’re adorable
Bluebells:  Constancy and everlasting love
Daffodils: High regard and chivalry.
Lily of the valley: The Return of happiness
Forget-me-not: Faithfulness, Love
Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty
Hyacinth, purple: I am sorry, Please forgive me
Oleander: Beauty and Grace
Periwinkle, White: Remembrance of Pleasures

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