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Savile Row, the home of the British Bespoke tailoring and the street which has produced some of the finest suits for men such as Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson and the Duke Of Edinburgh.

The row is a road which feels special, situated next to Regent street it couldn’t be more different. Regent street is one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe, thus if you ever find yourself on its curving path prepare to battle for your space. The business men come storming through like charging rhinos and groups of lost tourists stop suddenly in the middle of the pavement to consult their London A-Z.

Thus as soon as you enter Savile Row you are struck by how quiet it is, I walked the length of the row and must of seen no more than 40 people which by London standards puts Savile row on the same level as a home country village. After the shock of being able to breath easily you notice that everyone and I mean everyone is perfectly attired; from shoes with shines as high diamonds to suits with immaculate lines, you realise you’re experiencing what life would be like if you lived in a glossy fashion publication.

Thus Gieves & Hawkes at No.1 Savile Row with three Royal warrants and 450 years of combined tailoring expertise seems to be the perfect place to for a launch party for  ‘I am Dandy’, a new book that has been put together to share the life and story of some of the best dressed and the dandiest men on the planet. A dandy by definition is “A man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners; a fop” and I can confirm the room was filled with some of the best dressed men I have ever seen from; red velvet tuxedos to full tweed with riding boots, every major dandy style trend was present and perfectly displayed.

Its not often that a member of The Perfect Gentleman team feels under dressed, but I must admit that on this occasion I kept catching myself in the mirror to check the straightness of my tie and the plumage of my pocket square.

The book I am Dandy, is a window into the life of the modern dandy, the first thing one notices when picking up the book is the stunning photography throughout by legendary fashion photographer Rose Callahan. She has captured these fabulously dressed men in their eccentric and elaborate homes, places of work and on the street. One of my favourite pictures has to be of a fabulously dressed man in a pale blue suit with an orange tie, the colour combination combined with the background provides you with a stunning still. If you are interested in seeing some of Rose’s work please have a look at her website:

2013-09-18 2
The book is written by Nathaniel Adams who writes with a beautiful flow and creates an almost dream like world around the men in the book. I picked up the book at the beginning of the evening and read the first gentleman’s account, I was enthralled with the story that Nathaniel had painted of his life and his encounters.

Its a refreshing piece of work that I would recommend not only for your reading and viewing pleasure, but also as it would make a memorable gift to a man or woman who is hard to please.
The Book is available on Amazon for £36.99.


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