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Braces 1When I was young my waist line was 32 and my inside leg was 32, as I grew older my waist line grew and my inside leg Decreased to 29”

It’s the question all Gentlemen dread from their tailor “Does sir wear his trousers above or below his stomach”?

When I stopped playing rugby and discovered a world of domestic bliss. Now I am on a diet and as the kilos drop away I have been finding that a belt just doesn’t cut it.

Holding my trousers up with a decreasing waist line is not easy so I have turned to a pair of braces and it’s a revelation.

For many people braces mean a memory of the 1980’s world of Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street.  Michael Douglas resplendent in his wide braces in a stunning New York skyline filled office. But that image died with the financial crisis and the idea that the “greed is good” world of finance ran the world.

But, a bit like pipes and a good stylish hat I think it is possible that it’s about time a new generation took a look at braces. It’s time for a braces re-evaluation.

The advantages for me are huge; my suit trousers now fall faultlessly, I love the way my they hang perfectly and above all consistently above my shoes. My waist is no longer pinched by my belt and my braces are far more comfortable and they self adjust when I sit.

braces 2There is also a certain thrill to pulling of one’s jacket and revealing your braces as they are something of a novelty. They have consistently drawn comments.

Three of our partners supply some wonderful braces:






We are particularly fond of the traditional leather or braided ended button on braces. But these days it’s the exception to have your trousers supplied with buttons. Luckily our friends at Sharp and Dapper have the solution for this with a beautiful set of clip on buttons ensuring you can use your finest pairs of braces with any trousers.


So Gentlemen, with the firm hope that the ‘Gordon Gekko’ image is now distant and clouded by the mists of time I shall look forward to wearing my braces more often.

I may even splash out on a few more gaudy colours for the full effect and I look forward to being able to get into some of my older suits as my weight drops so that I can continue to wear them.



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