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imd14-creator-504pxToday is International Men’s Day, which is a strange thing in this world. Why should men have a day when there are so many other causes to give airtime too? Men seem to have had it all their own way for so long. But let’s look at why we need to recognise this day and why it is more important now than ever. First, let’s provide a little background…

The day was first established in Trindad & Tobago in 1999  by Dr. Teelucksingh, who wanted to create a day for good male role models. Yes, there was Father’s day, but what about children without fathers? And that day is a celebration of fatherhood not what it is to be a good man. After being supported by UNESCO, it spread across the Caribbean, into Australia and beyond. It is now recognised in over 60 countries and it’s broad mission is to:  promote male role models;  focus on men’s health and wellbeing;  improve gender relations and promote gender equality; create a safer world for everyone.

You only have to look at the papers in the UK and the USA over the last few months to see why the need for positive and good male role models are required. We have characters such as Dapper Laughs, Julian Blanc, Ray Rice and others, who are in the public eye, promoting a culture and moral position that is a long way from what men and boys should be seeing.

On top of this, men are more likely to commit suicide and more men suffer silently from depression and other mental-health related issues. Men account for more violent deaths, some 80%, even outside conflict zones. Yes, these things have been going on for centuries, but in this age of enlightenment and openness should we not be doing something about it?

Yes, men’s roles have changed over the last century and change is a good thing. We are in a state of flux between the old traditional roles, cultural and moral positions and the modern more respectful and balanced society. We strive for equality and battle sexism, which is an ongoing effort for both sides of the gender divide.

The one thing we do need to do is give men the kind of role models and focus that can show and help them to improve this situation and make the world a more egalitarian and better place. We can use this day to do that, to show men around the world that there are men out there who treat women with respect and courtesy; who can resolve conflict with words not fists; who can romance without sexism; who lead without aggression and act as a true male role model.

Our mission here at the Perfect Gentleman is very clear; we are here to make the world a more respectful place, we intend to do that by helping to give men the skills and the role models to to this. Myself and the rest of the team are passionate advocates of equality and we also wish to celebrate the differences of each gender. We want to be able to give men the tools to not have to go to sleazy misogynistic pick up schools, to be able to raise their children or to lead children by example that you can be masculine and civilised.

That is why we support International Men’s Day here at the Perfect Gentleman as we wish to help make every man a role model for the future generations of young men to look up to.

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