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Well sort of, indeed a little slowly, but we are back. 

What happened? Where have you been? Why is it not all ready to go?  We hear you cry. 

During this first blog post I will try to answer all these questions and more and tell you, Ladies & Gentlemen, what the future holds for The Perfect Gentleman as we move into 2019 and beyond. 

We have been on a long journey since 2012 when we first started and especially since 2016, when we had some major issues, which challenged everything that the Perfect Gentleman meant. We have tried a number of things to both find our feet and renew our company. Indeed, at one point, we considered selling the company and looked for buyers but we realised that no one could do what we wanted to do. 

Over the course of 2018 we took a long hard look at ourselves and what The Perfect Gentleman was and what it stood for. After a great deal of introspection and mind mapping, we decided that we should and could continue with The Perfect Gentleman’s mission. In fact, we believe that we are even more needed than before, to help men discover themselves & give them guidance in a very challenging world for a modern man. 

We knew what we wanted to do and we started to take steps to rebuild the brand and the company, changing some elements, keeping some and adding more. But as you can imagine it takes time and we are now a very small band in the PG team and the smallest thing sets us back, so far this year we have had funerals, illness and false starts with potential investors; as well as trying to co-ordinate all the merry band of contributors for The Perfect Gentleman. 

It has taken time for us to do all this as well as plan all the logistics of what we want to do but we did not want to wait anymore, so we started without everything being fully ready. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate if you would bear with us as we get everything in place, slowly over the next month or so. We promise it will be worth it! 

Let us tell inform you what is happening with the Perfect Gentleman over 2019 – 

The Perfect Gentleman Media Content 

We decided after the experiment of the Magazine, we could not sustain that level of effort to create a monthly Magazine, even if it was a digital one. We therefore have reverted back to the Blog, which this will be the first post. We will cover all our areas of the Perfect Gentleman as usual and we will add new elements such as product & culture reviews, feature products & brands and more things as we move forward. The Blog will be published every Friday.

The Perfect Gentleman Podcast has been on hold for awhile, as it takes a huge amount of effort to do properly and last year we could not make it happen, but it is coming back this month – we will be back to releasing weekly on a Tuesday. James Marwood, will be back as host, alongside myself and we will be adding a few more voices to the podcast, so you won’t just get James & my point of view. 

We will be adding video content to our mix now as well, it will be a combination of Facebook Live videos & pre-recorded elements, to compliment our other media offerings.

We will be also upping our Social Media content backs to our normal levels…so don’t forget to subscribe to all our channels!  

The Perfect Gentleman Academy 

We wanted to get our message out to a wider audience; therefore we decided to put all our courses online so the whole world could learn the skills to be a modern gentleman, hence The Perfect Gentleman Academy is going to be launched. 

It will teach you all the skills across all the disciplines of The Perfect Gentleman, from Style, Grooming, Manners & Etiquette, Romance & more. 

We will be starting with The Stylish Gentleman course, teaching everything from the foundations of style; how to choose what fits & what works for you; how to build a wardrobe; choosing a suit and much, much more. There will be over 6 hours of video content and workbooks and more over the duration of the course.  

Initially, it will be a monthly subscription service and then we will release it as a stand-alone course.  

We will be launching alongside this the Perfect Gentleman members groups, which will be areas were like-minded individuals can share information and experiences, as well as special offers and early access to not only Perfect Gentleman elements but also our partners & friends. 

To find out more join us next week for our introduction Webinar for the Launch of The Perfect Gentleman Academy “The essential 14 items that every man should have in his wardrobe” on Thursday 14th March at 7pm GMT.

The Perfect Gentleman Certified Trainers Programme 

We can’t be everywhere in the world, to help men be educated into becoming a Modern Perfect Gentleman, so we are also launching our Certified Trainer Programme. 

Imagine becoming a modern version of Jeeves, Bertie Wooster’s legendary valet. A font of all knowledge and wisdom, in everything from style to culture and from romance to grooming, this is what we aim for you to become as a PG Certified Trainer. 

It will be a combination of online learning, live digital lessons and at least 4 weeks of in-person training. We will guide you not only in all the knowledge but the skills in running a successful business based off the skills you learn. 

We will be limiting the number of trainers we have, as we will be selective about whom we want to represent us. We already have had enquiries, and we have only mentioned to a few people. If you want to know more email us 

Further Things 

There is so much more that we are planning to do over the next two years. We will be running our own small events in London & occasionally around the world, including retreats & immersive weeks. We will be launching Perfect Gentleman memberships, Summer Camps for Young Gentleman & more.

Stay tuned to the Perfect Gentleman for more…

Be Gentlemanly,

Zach Falconer-Barfield


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