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The champagne is on ice, the red carpet rolled out, and the necessary big brand sponsors splashed around. This of course can only mean one thing; a fashion event has come to town. However, not any old fashion event, but London Men’s collection, one of the few fashion weeks worldwide devoted to men’s clothing.

LMC_1This year has been bigger and better than ever, with outfits ranging from the weird to the wonderful. For example, take Christopher Shannon’s unique look on the right, which I guess is going to catch on. While at the opposite end you have Paul Smith with his simple and basic ‘suit to travel in’, for which he had models perform various aerobatics to showcase the amount of movement and comfort the suit provides.

LMC_2I was surprised at the amount of colour and natural fibres on display with vibrant coloured trousers, t-shirts and jumpers adding splashes of colour to many of the exhibits. And yet, most importantly, there are a number of shows and items that we consider to be stylish. What is the difference between style and fashion you ask? Well to quote Coco “Fashion fades; only style remains the same”. Basically style is everlasting whereas fashion is a fad that sometimes fades before it even begins.

Here is a rundown of our favourite events and looks from this year.

Cad and The Dandy Pub Quiz

Our friends over at Cad and The Dandy hosted a pub quiz which a number of their clients turned up to, showcasing the fantastic tailoring provided. The night was hotly contested between teams who all competed furiously for the grand prize – a Saville Row suit!

LMC_3Ede & Ravenscroft

Day two of London fashion week brought us classic style with a twist and, you guessed it, a touch of colour. Ede & Ravenscroft showcased some beautiful tailored suits, such as this double breasted suit with overcoat and red scarf. Another to look at is the dark plum coloured three piece lounge suit.

Jon Lobb

As the old saying goes, ‘never judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes’, well from the shoes on offer at Jon Lobb, it’s clear they deserve the two royal warrants they hold. The display featured a small grassy knoll, with a beautiful black pair of monk strap shoes and three pairs of boots.

LMC_4Thomas Pink

My shirt maker of choice displayed a number of shirts, mainly striped or lightly checked, however the two most notable styles on offer were not shirts at all. The first being a relaxed weekend look combining a blue shirt and tie, under a blue, red and white jumper, with matching scarf, black coat, blue jeans and dark brogues. As well as a smarter look, perfect for the city with a white checked shirt, black spotted tie, red checked single breasted jacket with black trousers and shoes.

LMC_5Turnball and Asser

The tuxedos on show at Turnball and Asser, provided an unusual take on the classic garment. With black peak lapels and disruptive patterns, these eye catching items are not conventionally stylish by any stretch of the imagination, yet the panache exuded by these shocking tuxedos makes them heart breakers for men and women alike.

Mr Porter Presents Kingsman

LMC_6Matthew Vaughn and Mr Porter have created a bespoke collection inspired from the new film Kingsman: The Secret Service, which showcases some of the best in British tailoring. Our favourites include the velvet smoking jacket with checked trousers and the double breasted pinstripe suit with black oxfords. All of the Kingsman fashion has been taken from the film, which is due out later this year.

All in all I think London Men’s Collection has been fantastic, it’s been bold without overstepping the mark, despite some designers trying their best to create shock and awe. Plus it has shown that men’s fashion is coming full circle; gone are the baggy jeans with boxers hanging out and in are the beautifully attired suits, moccasins, oxfords and worsted wool. Needless to say, I’m excited to see how much of this year’s fashion will filter through to the high street and just maybe to the wardrobes of a man near you.

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