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‘Mornin’ glory’, these were the words that greeted me when I entered the office. A strange request I thought, not something The Perfect Gentleman should review. Despite my reservations I pushed on and found out that Morning’ Glory is a range of shaving products from Germany. Apparently the irony of the name when translated into English has not yet been realised. This grooming company has dared take on the big boys of male grooming Gillette and Wilkinson Sword, so are they up to the challenge? I decided to find out.

The Products

Morning Glory

The product range is fairly small with pre-shave oils, shaving cream, shaving gel, razor-burn relief cream and aftershave balm, but what makes them different is how they sell the products and get them to you. The products can all be bought in groups depending on your preference, for example a basic kit costs 14EUR, which includes shaving cream and after shave balm. Or you can go for the All Inclusive Kit which contains a razor handle, 4 blades, pre-shave oil, gel, after-shave and burn-relief gel, all for the price of 44EUR. When compared to all-inclusive kits from the other leading brands, this represents a huge potential saving of nearly 20EUR.

The other unique attribute to MG is their subscription service, which gives buyers the option of subscribing to a certain number of blades per month. So, if you shave daily, it recommends 4 blades per month at a cost of 9EUR. Sounds like a lot right? Until you realise that its 9 euros for all 4 blades and postage is included. That means each razor blade works out at 2.25EUR, which is by far the cheapest on the market.

The RazorMorning Glory razor

So MG’s blades are much cheaper than the current going price, plus you get a free handle on your first subscription date. But does the blade perform as well as mainstream brands? The overall answer is ‘yes!’ The blade we have is called the Alpha, top of MG’s range. The Alpha blade closely resembles the current competition, with 5 ceramic coated blades, aloe vera strip and a precision blade for contours and difficult to reach areas. The blade draws nicely across the skin, with little pull and a beautiful glide feel.

At first I thought the contour precision trimmer had fallen out as I couldn’t see it on the back of the blade head. Luckily, I found I was wrong as the blade is so fine it is difficult to see. You can see the full shave review in the YouTube video linked below.

The Gel

In the starter kit I received gel rather than cream, which suited me fine as it is my shaving lubricant of choice. The gel was a thick blue colour with a pleasant masculine fragrance; it lathered well with a badger hair brush, but didn’t lather up as well when applied by hand. However this is a moot point as you should be using a badger hair brush to pick up the hair and apply lubricant evenly across your face.,


In all I was surprisingly impressed with Mornin’ Glory. The first shock was the affordable cost of the blades, combined with the surprise at the quality of the razor you receive for the price you pay. I would certainly recommend any readers to try a starter kit to see if the blades are to their liking. I think if you appreciate a good quality razor and hate running out of sharp razors, an affordable posted razor blade service might just convince you to change your razor. I know for certain my hand wavers whenever I pick up my beloved Mach 3, maybe it’s time for some mornin’ glory rather than flying high?…

To see more on Mornin’ Glory –

To see the full video review –

By Sam Adam Smith – A cleanly shaved gentleman

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