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100th articleThis is our 100th article for the Perfect Gentleman and in it we wanted to highlight some of the things we have achieved over the last few months and to set our sights firmly on our targets for the next year.

The items we are most proud of are the articles which should have an influence on men and change the way they think and act; after all that’s what we are here for.

We started with a handshake and in our 99th article we are delighted to introduce our newest contributor Aleksandar Cvetkovic a talented and fashionable young writer who is still at university. In his first article Aleks writes about the influences that made him want to be a Gentleman. We look forward to many more articles from him

We have addressed manners in many ways including the driving on the road and on a couple of occasions on the train and tube including our most recent item highlighting the efforts of First Capital Connect to make travelling on their trains a more pleasurable experience.

We have helped men in business with networking and how to handle the introduction and business card ‘element’ of business relationships and we have much more to come to help our business Gentlemen readers.

We have covered style in some depth but, hopefully always recognising that a Gentleman is a gentleman because of the way he behave and dresses not just because he can afford to spend £1,000’s on a Savile Row suit.

Under the grooming heading we have covered shaving and how to smell good. We have also spent some time on shoes, always one of those things (along with nails) that a prospective date and interviewer always notices about you.

We have introduced a steady stream of our friends and partner in a wide range of fields and we have tried to lift the lid and explore some of the areas which men sometime ignore like crying and depression

We have recounted tales of Gentlemen of old and some of the wilder and whacky things they got up too such as The Admirable Chrichton and “The daring two

We have stepped out of London to review the wonderful Midland hotel and we are working to counter any idea that we are too London centric with the introduction of regular articles by our New Northern correspondent in the next few weeks.

We have delved into the worlds of wooing and buying lingerie or flowers and we trust that many of our Gentlemen readers are being far more romantic as a result.

We have more recently started to introduce you to some of our friends in our video conversations, with The Gentleman Talks series. We have a wealth of these still to bring you and a few surprises along the way.

As we look to our next hundred articles we look to launch more strands to our gentlemanly bow, we are going more and more overseas with more International articles from various correspondents. We are delve deeper into the finer aspects of the wonderful world of Travel and we are really excited about our Culinary Gentleman series with a fabulous new partner.

There will be more and more articles on Business, Romance and other of our favourite topics and as we begin to introduce the other elements to the Perfect Gentleman world, such as Short Course, Live Events, Books and more video we will start to see strands and themes emerging.

We are also increasing the number of articles we send out on a weekly basis and as we grow over the course of the next few months we hope to get to even an article a day.

We have a number of new contributors joining our happy throng and we are always looking for interesting people to write for us, so please feel free to drop us an email and discuss.

As we drive forward and introduce more elements of the Perfect Gentlemen we always have in mind our key objective:

“Making the World a more respectful, stylish and Gentlemanly place… one man at a time”

Zach Falconer Barfield, Nic Wing and the Perfect Gentleman team

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