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Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, where everyone is encouraged to create a better world by spreading awareness and increasing engagement in kind actions. There is a Random Acts of Kindness foundation, which was formed in 1995 as a nonprofit organisation, with no religious or institutional affiliations. It is also privately funded and does not raise or provide funds, which keeps it free to focus entirely on its mission to spread kindness.

We at PG have embraced this concept wholeheartedly, and you will see the #RAOK hashtag regularly pop up on our Twitter timeline. Kindness is absolutely core to our mission to change the world, one man at a time, and it is the essence of being a gentleman. For some people, the very definition of a gentleman is a kind man; he thinks of others before himself and performs deeds that better the lives of those around him.

There are lots of ways to show kindness. It can be as simple as paying someone a compliment, or helping an old lady cross the street. You can show kindness to those you love, to someone you have just met or even to a complete stranger, the effect is still the same. Imagine if everyone you know performed an act of kindness today, and each of those on the receiving end also made a random act of kindness. Within a very short space of time, the world would be buzzing with kindness and positivity. This is the concept behind the heartwarming film “Pay it Forward” in which a young boy, played by the immensely talented Hayley Joel Osment, decides to make the world a better place after his teacher, Kevin Spacey, gives him that chance.

If you are struggling to see the point of being kind, just try it. The magical effect is not just felt by the receiver, but also by the giver; seeing a person react with joy and gratitude makes you feel happy and more positive. Being kind is a reward in itself. And if you want to dive into the evolution of kindness you do not have to delve deep to find it throughout the animal kingdom. Females of many species, including us humans, often select a mate who is altruistic i.e. he does things for others. So, being kind will also put you a step ahead in the world of romance.

At the Code of the Gentleman we have assigned each Wednesday as ‘Chivalry and Kindness Day’, which is the perfect opportunity to perform acts of kindness. Join us in doing at least one Random Act of Kindness today and tomorrow. You may be surprised how good it makes you feel!

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