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The Legend Barbers logo

The Legend Barbers

On the way back from exercising, I was pondering my day and thinking that firstly I needed a haircut and secondly as it was a Monday I needed a shave, on my wanders I happened across a place called ‘The Legend’ a barbers, which describes itself as a traditional Turkish Barbers.

It was empty when I went in but a man who was obviously the proprietor greeted me jovially and sat me down. The man was true to the description on the door, he was certainly Turkish and proceeded to offer me Tea or Coffee. I do like my Turkish coffee, so gladly accepted.

He was not a particular conversationalist with me, but had a lively conversation in Turkish to his fellows in the store, which did not stop when other customers came in during my time there. The coffee came and was served on a tray with water and a piece of Turkish delight, all very delightful and very good coffee.

The haircut was pretty tidy and asked me several times what I liked and whether he should go shorter. He tidied my other hair extremities as well, which I believe is a damn fine thing, a gentleman should not have unsightly hair from one’s nose or ears.

The wet shave with hot towels was exceptionally thorough and very smooth to the touch when done and lasted a good 2 days. The price for the haircut and wet shave was a very reasonable £29.

I would certainly recommend going to ‘The Legend’, a very masculine place with old school styling. The Barber is very skilled. It is not the place if you want non-Turkish conversation nor pleasantries and pampering, but a dependable venue for this sort of thing.

The Legend
106 Old Street, London EC1V 9AY
0207 490 0150
Open 6 days a week (Closed Sunday) – Walk Ins accepted
No website 
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