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Success_signSo what is left to deal with? In this final week we cover the receiving of a job offer, how to proceed and how to accept or possibly decline. Lastly, we look beyond and what you need to do to stay sharp.


The Job Offer

Congratulations, you have got your perfect job. All that hard work has paid off and you have been given a job offer.

It is frequently the case these days that you will receive a phone call to inform you of the offer, either directly from the company or via your recruitment or HR representative.  This will happen before you receive a formal written offer. Answer it quickly and effectively but be calm and professional.

Proceed with caution, even if it is really the perfect job. Always accept a job only in principle until you have more details regarding the package and the terms. Until you sign the contract, or agree in writing, you can always step away.


Accepting, Declining or Negotiating

We realise that this sounds strange to discuss this, as if you have been hunting for your Perfect Job, you will be jumping up and down with excitement. Preparation, as we always say, is the key to success and this is still the case.

Make sure you get the full offer or contract before fully agreeing. Read it carefully and if it is particularly complex or legal then find a legal minded friend to read it.

If there is nothing wrong, then write and accept or just sign the contract. If there is something you are not happy with you can negotiate. As with all negotiating you must know what your final position is and stick to it.

If there are totally unacceptable terms or they are drastically different to those you have discussed, check if it is an error first. If not, then step away. It is better to keep up the quest than to be stuck somewhere that may do you harm both as a person and in your career.

If you are currently in employment, you will have to give notice and respect their terms, making sure to keep your new employer informed of any delays or holdups. Remember to get all the relevant paperwork before you leave as it will be harder to get when you have left.


Taking up the Post

There might be some legal issues about taking up your new position, especially in the modern world. You might be restricted from working in the same field for a period time – know as ‘Gardening Leave’. Make the most of this time if you have to take it.

If you don’t have those restrictions, do give enough time to get your affairs in order before you take up the job as you will need to work hard when you launch into this new endeavour.

When you take up the post remember to show the same professionalism and manners that got you in the door. We will do a post on ‘The First Day’ in the near future.

Finally, send ‘Thank You’ notes to all those that helped you or supported you in getting that Perfect Job.


Staying Sharp

As we all know, perfection is fleeting. You may have attained your Perfect Job for now, but at some point the lure of a new quest will arise and you will seek a new job.

The tip is to remain sharp, make sure that your profiles are always up to date and you are still making contributions to your field as we suggested in Parts 1 & 2 of the Quest. As with the Holy Grail, the quest for the Perfect Job is an endless one.


Final  Gentleman’s Hints

Better the Devil You Know –  Sometimes, your quest might be a short one. Do take a look about moving internally within your company, do not rule it out.

Is any Job Better? –  If you need to just get a job, our suggestion is to get one that is one or two levels below your capabilities as it will make you excel and give you time to continue your quest.

You Never Can Tell! – That Job might come from anyone, so always keep an open mind about who you speak to.

Never Compromise the Deal Breaker – If you have a line, do not cross it. It will come back to haunt you.

We have reached the end of our Quest. Over the past 8 weeks we have built up a fairly comprehensive guide to taking up and succeeding in the quest to find the Perfect Job.

We wish you Luck!

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