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Face the facts, fellas – you need to get yourself set for summer. Our new Male Grooming expert, Stephen Handisides, explains how to get it right with as little fuss as possible.

These days the idea of a man doing a bit of grooming isn’t a big deal – thanks to David Beckham and a host of TV stars most men are quite happy to use a bit of product, a comb and pluck the odd hair. So this leaves the main problem with male grooming – there’s just so much choice it becomes overwhelming. From shaving gels to under eye serum to hair gels – where do you begin?

The good news is that your grooming routine for summer can be quick and easy so follow these five steps to summer style and sophistication.


Most guys don’t alter their hairstyles with the seasons but sometimes it’s good to shake things up again – especially during summer where a low-maintenance style can be a real benefit on the beach. This summer go for a short, choppy style which can work on the beach without product or can be given a slick, smart makeover with a pomade or wax for a sophisticated evening out.


Whilst beards have been fashionable for a while now I think summer 2015 will see a reaction against them – the last thing most men want when they’re chilling in the sun with their mates is a sweaty, hot load of facial hair. If you have a beard then you don’t need to be drastic – trim it down to stubble – maybe a number 3 setting on your beard trimmer.

Fix Your Face

Whatever you think of your face, you only have one – so you’d  better learn to look after it. It’s easier than you think if you select the correct anti-ageing product for your skin and your lifestyle. Keep things easy and fuss-free with an all-in-one product – one that contains a sunscreen, antioxidants and hydrating botanicals. Seek out moisturisers with high doses of ingredients like resveratrol, as well as vitamins A, C and E. You’ll know if the product you’re considering purchasing has a hefty dose of antioxidants if you find one in the first five ingredients listed on the packaging. Once you settle on a moisturiser, apply it twice daily, once in the morning and again before bed.


Yes, get that bronzed body and golden glow, but do it safely and sensibly. Follow the lead of the Australians who spend every afternoon and weekend soaking up the rays and splashing in the surf, yet know that wearing a sunscreen isn’t to be scoffed at. This year the trend will be for products which also include moisturising agents. It’s a bit pricy but Clinique Skin Supplies for Men M Protect SPF 21 Daily Hydration + Protection will likely be the best men’s skin moisturiser and sunscreen you’ll ever use.

Don’t look tired even if you feel it

Don’t underestimate the importance of an under-eye serum in your beauty regime. The summer trend in 2015 will be for men who are partying hard on holiday but hiding the effects with some clever tricks. An under-eye serum will be your best friend if you’ve been up all night but don’t want to look haggard – choose a quality product which includes caffeine; it’s great for minimising redness and puffiness by constricting blood vessels!

We hope you stay fresh and well groomed this summer. Stephen will be back with more grooming tips.


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