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Acting as a Gentleman

An actor will play many roles in his career – some of them gentlemen; some of them quite the opposite. But this does not mean that the actor himself should behave in any other manner than that of a perfect gentleman. Tabloids and gossip columns are littered with the... read more

David Niven – A Gentleman Icon

If I were to think of the epitome of a British Gentleman on the silver screen, one man tends to stand head and shoulders above others, that was David Niven. Soldier, best selling author, oscar winning actor, notorious wit and he was as much a Gentleman off-screen as... read more

Danny Kaye – Gentleman Icon

Many people today will never have heard the name Danny Kaye, indeed I showed his face at an event recently and not one person recognised him, which is a shame for a someone who bestrode the entertainment world for 30 years and was a true renaissance man; Singer,... read more

From the Desk of #1PG – The death of a friend I have never met

This last week has been a week full of underlying sadness, I and indeed Mrs #1PG have both mourned the death of Robin Williams. It is surprising that the loss of  somebody I have never met could have this profound effect on me. I have felt similar before with the... read more

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