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Agony Uncle

Ask Henry – Pocket Square Storage Dilemmas!

Question: Can you advise on good storage for one’s pocket squares?   From @matthewtgoddard   Answer: Dear Matthew, Thank you for your Question, it is a challenge for an ardent collector of Pocket Squares such as myself and #1PG – he has over 50, he is... read more

Ask Henry: The First Friends Meeting

Question: Dear Uncle Henry, I am quite nervous . I am due to meet my new girlfriend’s group of female friends in a couple of weeks at a party.  They have been together and friends since school and are a very tight group and do many things together including... read more

Ask Henry: The Thank You, By Hand

 Question:  Dear Henry, I realise that I may seem old fashioned with this question, but here it is. I purchased my two Nephews some presents for their Birthday in the week just past and I was somewhat appalled when they just sent me a text message as a Thank You. How... read more

Introducing Henry Gentleman

My Name is Henry, Henry Gentleman, its a bit of a laughable name so you should call me Uncle Henry. That’s better, not so formal. My young friends at the Perfect Gentleman, have asked me to take up a post as here on the Code of the Gentleman as a Regular Columnist to... read more

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