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The Events of the Summer – ‘The Season’

The British summer Season is a collection of sporting, artistic, cultural and social events.  Whereas many countries have similar types of events at various times of the year, only in the UK are they all packed into the short period of (comparatively) good weather,... read more

British Art – A Brief History

With the arrival of the London Art Fair (21-25 January), we thought it was a good opportunity to look at art in Britain and how it has reflected our history. It is a long history, so we will look at it in two parts, with this article covering the period up to the... read more

Best of Britannia – Report – Part 2

As if there wasn’t enough in part one, we have a pretty full part two of our Best of Britannia report. In this one we move away from style and move into some of the diverse other brands that were showing at the event; everything from food to tea cups to books. We will... read more

Best of Britannia – Report – Part 1

The Best of Britannia event is now in its third year and it just seems to be going from strength to strength. I went along last year with no idea of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised; there were some great British brands alongside new and innovative ones. It... read more

From the Desk of #1PG – Rule Britannia?

Over the last week I have had the pleasure of doing a wide variety of activities and conversations, which have raised some interesting points and made both myself and the whole PG team think about what we do and where we go. Over the course of the week gone, we have... read more

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